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Professional pest inspection and control services are mandatory to lead a hassle-free life. No matter where you stay, it is next to impossible that there is no such history with an excessive pest invasion. But, it is not possible to detect your home or property for future pest occurrence right away. Neither have you had the experience or the knowledge regarding pest infestations. So, isn't it a better decision to hire a professional pest control agency and let them take care of your home?

However, Mark's Pest Control is now spreading its branches all over Australia to make your life pest-free. We have the best pest controllers across the country. Therefore, wherever you need our assistance, we can send our professional team right to your doorstep. They will inspect your home, office, and surroundings to get the best solutions. So, contact us today to book your pest control service for your home.

Pest Inspection Methods

When you contact us at Mark's Pest Control, we can assure you of detailed pest control treatments in Australia. We have branches everywhere. So, you can contact us on the regional number and share your concerns with us.

Moreover, we follow a detailed pest inspection procedure to assess the condition. Therefore, we leave zero chance of an error while performing.

1. General Inspection

It is the first step of our detailed inspection. At this step, you share your concern regarding the ongoing pest invasion on your property. You can contact us for maintenance purposes as well. Once you are done explaining, we ask you some brief questions to assess the condition better. After that, we ask you to share your location and connect you with our regional service inspectors.

2. Technical Inspection

Our regional pest inspectors will follow up the initial process and ask for your convenient day to visit. After deciding the date, a team of professional pest inspectors will visit your place to look for the actual problem and its causal organism.

Three Stages Of Inspection And Preparation Of Treatment

For an effective pest control treatment, you need to assess the condition in detail. And that is why our team of pest inspectors at Mark's Pest Control excelled in this industry. We follow a detailed pest inspection, followed by pest control solutions to ensure guaranteed treatment.

1. Examination

Upon visiting your place, we check each corner of the property. Whether there is a large sewage line or a hole in your pipeline, our pest inspectors check them all.

2. Listing The Pest Types

Upon inspecting and analyzing the remnants of feces, food habits, we conclude the causal pests. There may be more than one type of pests.

3. Treatment Recommendation

After concluding, we provide you with some of the suitable pest control treatments according to your needs. We provide both chemical and eco-friendly pest controls. So, we leave the choice upon you.

Our Probable Inspected Areas At Your Office And Home

Mark's Pest Control is available for all types of pest inspection in Australia. It is possible due to our extended branches and service centres in Melbourne, Brisbane and all the surrounding suburbs of the big cities. Therefore, if you contact us for pest control help, we can send our servicing team with professional inspectors right away.

Upon reach, we check each corner to avoid missing out. Our detailed checklist helps us to provide you with the best pest inspection.

  • Timbers and furniture
  • Extended exteriors
  • Building exteriors and interiors
  • Driveways
  • Gardens
  • Fencing and backyard
  • Floors

We also provide pest inspection services in restaurants, storage houses, schools, clubs, hostels, shopping complexes, grocery and retail stores, nursing homes, hospitals.

We Provide Inspection Services For All Types Of Pests

Our pest control experts can detect all types of pest infestations. However, if you don’t know about our services, let us brief you.

However, if you have anything else on your property, you can contact us on the given number to detect the pests. Our services are available 24X7 hours throughout the year.

Why Do You Need To Choose Us As Your Pest Control Inspectors?

Mark's Pest Control has been providing pest control services in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for a while now. And since the beginning, customer satisfaction has been our topmost priority. Therefore, people prefer our pest inspector’s guidance thoroughly.

  • 24X7 hours customer care service
  • Affordable pest inspectors
  • Guaranteed pest assessments
  • Same day pest inspection and solution
  • Domestic pest control treatments
  • Regular residential pest inspection
  • Emergency pest inspection and rescue
  • Pre-purchase property pest inspection

Our Servicing Locations

With each passing year from the last 20 years, we have been growing our branches. Therefore, now we can provide pest inspection services all over Australia.

We also plan to extend our service in the surrounding suburbs as well. So, contact us today to avail yourself of our detailed pest inspection services anywhere you want. Our team will arrange a convenient and hassle-free pest inspection service from your locality.

Contact Us Today

Now that you know about the pest inspection service of Mark's Pest Control, why don’t you hire us? Our professional pest experts are available 24X7 hours throughout the year at your service. So, call us today on 0482074889 to book the best affordable pest inspection service.

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