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Why bother tolerating rodents at home when Marks Pest Control is there? We have the best pest controller’s team. Therefore, you can rely upon our professional rodent control team. Now there may be different types of rodents depending on the place and atmosphere. But, let us inform you that our pest controllers are capable of handling rats, mice, possums, and any other species of rodents. So, whenever you face any rodent infestation at your home, you can contact us right away. Our rodent control services are available 24X7 hours throughout the year. Apart from the residential services, our team is efficient in commercial pest control. No matter what your requirement is, we will put our best to get you the desired result. So, contact us today on the given number and book the best rodent control service accordingly.

What Are Rodents And Their Types?

There are about 100 species in the group. However, not all rodents create nuisance at home. Only a few of them inhabit human interactions and become dependent on humans. As a result, they end up infesting your home to take shelter, food, and water. For example, there are rodents, such as marmots, chipmunks, squirrels, prairie dogs, gophers, and woodchucks. They prefer to stay in the wild and don't create issues at the home or office. Apart from that, there are some rodents that people prefer to pet. Guinea pigs, chinchillas, capybaras, hamsters are some of the popular house pets from the rodent group.

However, some rodents are not just fast-growing by creating countless problems by infesting your home and office. That is why they are grouped into the house pests. And people have to take precautions and safety treatments. They can be rats, mice, possums, or any regional rodents.

Why Are Rodents More Damaging Than Other Pests?

There are so many pests that can harm you both physically and monetarily. For example, cockroaches, spiders, bugs, and ants, all belong to the house pests group. However, these pests harm you by damaging your property and poison your food and edibles. So, if you consume any of the items, you become sick.

However, in the case of rodents, they can harm you physically. The rats and mice have sharp canines that can cause severe damage. On top of that, if bitten by a rat, you need to treat that right away. Otherwise, you may lead to infections. And let's don't forget Bubonic Plague and its after-effects on the human race.

Moreover, the rats and mice are fast pacing creatures. Therefore, they can run in any direction while disrupting your property. And if you come in front of them, they will bite you out for fear to save themselves.

Rodent Control Service

How Anyone Can Easily Confirm The Presence Of The Rodent?

Rodents are not tough pests to detect at home. They leave enough evidence to identify their presence easily. You will see your upturned dustbin, unusual thieving of food items, dirt, and dust of food items, and cupboards. However, all of these situations can be of other pest infestations as well. So, if you want to confirm rodent infestations, it will be better to call your professional rodent controllers near you.

However, you can still monitor your home by looking for these signs. Such as, 

  • Droppings of food items and piled up dust on unusual areas.
  • Urine smells from places.
  • Unusual holes in the wall or pipelines.
  • Rodents running in front of you.
  • Rodent nests
  • Scampering noises from rodents

These are the common scenarios with rodent infestations at home. However, one can experience severe property damage due to the same.

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Services To Getting Rid Of Rodents

We at Marks Pest Control, aim for the best rodent control treatments to eliminate rodents at home. And we can give you a guarantee on that because of our certified pest controllers and advanced pest control solutions. We follow detailed pest control procedures to ensure the best result.

Detailed Inspection

Once you contact us, we send our professional rodent controllers to check the condition. Upon visiting your house, we will analyze whether it is suitable for rodent eradication or need to do rodent extermination.

Heat Treatment For Hidden Rodents

Rodents have a specific heat tolerance. Therefore, we use heating their nests with an increased temperature. The temperature brings them outside. And it becomes easier to kill them.

Baits And Traps Setting

If you are allergic to pesticides and chemical treatments, our rodent controllers can use eco-friendly baits and traps.

Pesticides Spray

Last but not the least, we prefer to spray pesticide in case of commercial sites. It will ensure 100% result in killing rodents effectively.

We Service In The Following Locations In Australia?

Rodent control services are mandatory in Australia, due to their extreme geographical condition. Based on that, people are always in search of a good pest control agency within their locality. However, now Marks Pest Control is ready to serve in your location. Therefore, you don't have to go to different places and wait for their servicing date. You can easily hire our rodent controllers by contacting us through the given customer care number. Our emergency servicing team is available to serve. 

We are available 24X7 hours throughout the year to handle your pest control issues at home and office. You will get pest control renewal permits and maintenance services from us. Contact us today and share your location. We will be right on the way to your place.

Best Quote And Service For Rodent Control

If you need urgent rodent control or regular maintenance services, you can contact us anytime you want. Our servicing team is always available to guide, support, and provide treatments for rodent infestations. You will get affordable rodent control services with us. We are eager to help you with the best quote and rodent treatments.

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