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Thinking if you are searching for ‘Bee removal near me’ instead of bee extermination? Fortunately, Marks Pest Control is the right place for you. We are a local Bee Control company in Adelaide. Our bee rescue team aims at doing Bee swarm removal safely and efficiently. Moreover, our bee collectors relocate them rather than killing or harming them in any way.

Our Bee Removal Adelaide is a locally based team for quick and same day services across Adelaide and nearby suburbs. Our beehive relocation experts are dedicated to rescuing and moving bees safely, if possible. Call us on 0482074889 for bee removal bookings now. 

What Are The Advantages Of Appointing Bee Removal Professionals? 

Although bees are beneficial to the environment in many ways, they are still a dangerous pest to be around. Some amazing benefits of hiring professional bee removal Adelaide experts are: 

  • Right Information: The bee pest removal experts have the right expertise, experience and information to tackle Bee nests in house walls, garden areas or nearby fences. 
  • Zero Errors:  There exists a very less chance of fatalities on hiring a professional bee removal expert. Protective clothing and shields are used to perform a safe bee hive relocation. 
  • No allergies: Another amazing pro of hiring bee removalists is that you stay away from bee-borne allergies.

So, drop your plan of performing Bee extraction by yourself and book a professional. 

Bee Removal Inspections and Treatments Across Adelaide 

Our bee removal Adelaide team excels at performing inspections and treatments to detect and eliminate bees. To give you a bee-free property, our experts are inspecting & removing bees from home at affordable prices. Irrespective of wherever you reside in Adelaide; if you have a beehive in the house wall, we can come and rescue it.

Moreover, if you are experiencing certain bee presence signs, like- shredded wings, continuous buzzing around the home, call us out. We offer the best & economical bee inspection and removal services in Adelaide. 

Elite Bee Removal Services That We Offer In Adelaide 

  • Home/ Residential Bee Removal

Our removalists have been removing bees from houses in Adelaide for many years now. In our years of service- we have done hundreds of zero fatality bee removals. So, if your home needs a beekeeper bee removal, book us today. 

  • Office/ Commercial Bee Removal 

Searching for “commercial bee removal service near me”? If yes, our commercial honey bee relocation services will help. So, feel free to share your business location & we will quickly access you with a safe bee removal service! 

  • Quick Pre-purchase Bee Removal 

Thinking of buying a new apartment or home in Adelaide? Let us perform a pre-purchase inspection for bees in house walls, balconies, roofs and gardens (if any). Moreover, our pre-purchase bee removal service will ease your purchasing decision. 

  • Same Day Bee Removal 

Observing honey bees in the walls of the house? If yes, we can remove bees from the walls on the same day of the appointment. Yes, we are open to same-day bee removal options in Adelaide. Moreover, we charge low beehive removal costs for the same day and emergency services. 

Avail Adelaide’s Expert End Of Lease Bee Removal Now! 

Is your rental duration coming to an end? We understand that moving out of leased property isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to look after so many things. However, we would like to guide you through a reliable end of lease bee removal service. Contact Marks Pest Control for expert, reliable and cheap end of lease pest treatment services. 

We are an Adelaide owned & running pest management company with bee removal management in residential & commercial places. With a group of learned experts, we offer the best beehive removal services. Moreover, our bee removalists focus on bringing back your bond fee from the landlord. Let’s get in touch today! 

Having Dead Bees At Your Property? Let Our Bee Removalists Help You! 

Just encountered a swarm of bees in your backyard? Do not worry! We are here to assist you with safe dead bee removal in Adelaide. No matter if the bees are dead, we still suggest you do not go near them. Instead, dial us on our toll-free number and our emergency bee removal team will quickly come to your doorstep.

We perform a thorough inspection of the area around dead bees. Most times- the bees are not dead but just unconscious. Hence, we check and remove them safely away from your place. Moreover, all of our bee exterminator prices are pocket-friendly. 

Why Are We The Best For Bee Removal Adelaide Needs?

We are here in Adelaide with the best bee removal options. Our clients have rated us as the #01 bee removal experts in Adelaide, mainly because of the following reasons: 

  • Eco-friendly: We make use of non toxic and natural bee removal solutions. Moreover, most of our services are harmless to bees, you and your property. 
  • Local: Being a local beehive removal company makes us resolve your problems on time and in the right way! We are local and friendly bee removalists. 
  • Affordable: Be it a same day or emergency bee inspection or removal- we ask for budget friendly prices. Furthermore, a customized bee removal service is also available. 
  • Certified: All of our bee removalists are not only certified but also hold several years of excellence in conducting fast bee removals.
  • Professional: We have given immense training & the right baiting equipment for giving professional bee removal. Book us to get a high quality bee elimination service. 
  • Popular: Check our customer reviews on bee removals. We are popular for the fastest, professional & same day bee removal services. 

We Are Now Open For Bee Removals In Adelaide & Nearby Suburbs!!

Not just Adelaide, if you reside anywhere close- we can help you. Get avail of our finest bee removal experience in Adelaide nearby service location. Just give us a call, tell us your address & we will do our best to help you! Our nearby locations include Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Bondi Junction.


  1. Q. Will the bees be removed or exterminated alive and relocated? 

    In case you are wanting to get a live bee removal service, then you are at the right place. Moreover, our bee removalists rescue live honey bees. And relocate their colonies to the beekeeper resort. 

  2. Q. What type of bees do you give removal services to? 

    We specialize in honey bee removal service. Moreover, certain bee species that we can remove are- yellow jacket nests, hornets, bumblebee and carpenter bees. Furthermore, our removalists never leave a single bee buzzing around flowers & remove them all. 

  3. Q. Can bee stings cause death? 

    Bee stings produce a chemical called histamine in our body. This further causes swelling of the stung part. This further causes difficulty in breathing and a sudden blood pressure drop. If the bee stings are in many numbers, then the situation can be life-threatening.

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