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Did you discover a wasp nest in your home and need to remove that, then do not worry, we are here. Marks Wasp Removal Melbourne offers same day wasps removal service. Our professionals deliver fast and reliable service. The presence of wasps creates an unsafe environment. Wasps can cause painful stings to you and others. Also, in some cases, even death can be caused if the sting produces an anaphylactic reaction. Wasps infestation around your residential and commercial place provides continuous tension to the owner. If you see single wasps around your home, then immediately contact our professionals.

Our professionals reach your doorstep on the same day of booking. We do a complete inspection of your affected area and then apply the right method to remove the wasps. Our professionals cover both residential and commercial areas. Our professionals are experienced and friendly. We take care of your kids and pets while delivering our service. Professionals of Marks Wasp Removal Melbourne are skilled and certified to control all types of wasps. We are working 24x7 hours to solve your problem. We offer immediate wasps extermination service all over Melbourne. Our wasp's controllers use advanced tools and techniques to control wasps. 

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✯ Types of Wasp Species Found in Melbourne

✔ European Wasp

  • European Wasp have two pairs of clear wings. The first pair of wings are larger in size.
  • They are considered as aggressive stingers.
  • The size of an european wasp worker lies in between 12-17 mm.
  • Only the European queen wasp can survive over the winter.
  •  However,  the male and female wasps die during the winter, including the nest.

Yellow Jackets (Social Wasp)

  • The worker wasps are 15 mm long, whereas queens are 19 mm long.
  • These wasps can eat other insects as well as human food.
  • Yellow Jackets have two pairs of wings. Also they have black and yellow bands alternatively over the body.
  • These wasps sting continuously when provoked.

Common Wasp

  • Common Wasp has two pairs of wings. The first pair of these wasps is larger than the second pair. 
  • They have two antennae of black colour. And fly with their legs that are close to their body.
  • They are known to be attacking insects.
  • The size of these wasps vary from 12 mm to 16 mm.

Native Paper Wasp

  • They have a very narrow waist along with a slender body.
  • 35 different species of paper wasps are found in Australia, covering Melbourne.
  • The heads of these wasps are small, but the antennas and eyes of paper wasps are of medium size.
  • The length of native paper wasp varies between 10 to 22 mm.

Sand Wasp

  • They feed on nectar; however, they chase for either flies or some other bug to take care of their hatchlings.
  • The size of these sand wasps are 22 mm in size.
  • Sand Wasps are considered as non-aggressive wasps. They do not sting if approached. But they attack in a swarm, if they are needed to defend the nest.

Mud Nesting Wasps

  • Their color ranges from orange and black to yellow and black.
  • The size of these wasps varies from 5-30 mm.
  • They are generally spotted throughout Melbourne.
  • They live in forests, urban locations and woodland. Mud Nesting Wasps feed on the nectar of honeydew, plants and also the fluid of the insects that is catched by them.

Tree Brown Paper Wasps

  • Tree Brown Paper Wasps have a yellow body with dark brown or black markings over their thorax, head and abdomen.
  • They usually make their nest inside hollow trees and on the sides of buildings.
  • The size of tree brown wasps varies from 0.8 to 12 mm.
  • You will commonly notice these wasps in suburban gardens, forests, and woodlands.

White-faced Brown Paper Wasp

  • These wasps usually nest on trees, caves and overhanging rocks, as well as under bridges and homes.
  • The size length of these wasps varies between 0.8 to 10 mm.
  •  White-faced Brown Paper Wasp are known to be pollinators. They are useful for the environment and it is beneficial if you have them in your garden.
  • These wasps have a white face and brown body along with white coloured rings around the abdomen and thorax.
type of wasp nest

Types of Wasp Nests

There are different types of nests that wasps create in your residential and commercial place. 

Ground Nests - The ground-digging wasps create these types of nests. They create it in the ground. You will commonly find these nests around your residential and commercial places. The female wasp's sting when someone provokes them.

Paper Nests  - The most widely recognized sort found in Melbourne are European Paper Wasp and Asian Giant Hornet. Their homes are discovered close by canals of homes or business structures, on the means of a yard or dangling from a tree limb.

Mud Daubers - Their homes are produced using mud. Mud daubers are commonly considered as an annoyance and not as a danger to people due to being known for infrequently stinging individuals; be that as it may, it is as yet basic to gain power and expulsion services done.

Marks Wasp Removal Melbourne - Wasps Prevention Tips

The ideal approach to remove wasps is by hiring the best wasp control professionals. Doing as such, you stay away from any odds of getting stung. Another approach to eliminating these wasps is by rolling out a couple of improvements to your way of life, for example, the manner in which you handle nourishment and beverages outside your home. You can use some natural DIY remedies for how to get rid of wasp. Read below some of the effective tips to prevent wasp :

Make sure that you put all the garbage bins securely tight.

Do not put the garbage bin near the window or door.

Close all the entry points of the wasps by using mesh barriers.

If you inspect any nest of wasps near your home, then keep your family member and pets away.

Keep checking the whole surrounding for the infestation of the wasps.

You can use natural repellents to minimize the risk of wasp infestation.

how to prevent wasp

Key Facts Related With Wasps 

You will find wasps almost at every continent of the world, but they are not found in polar regions.

The sting of wasps are poisonous & You will get swelling if wasp bites you. 

They produce a pheromone into the air when they die as a sign to caution its mates.

Wasps can sleep or hibernate while hanging by their teeth for several months.

As compared to hornets, wasps are smaller in size.

Why Wasp Extermination Important?

Wasps are not considered as a friendly insect or pest. Only the slightest noise can alert the wasp, and they can attack you.

The sting of wasps are quite painful, and you will require immediate action. 

Wasps are more active than bees, and they attack anyone who will pass near their nest.

Wasps attack in packs that result in severe conditions.

Some bites or stings of the wasps are allergic to people that may trigger an allergic reaction.

Working Methodology of Marks Wasp Removal Melbourne

We have trained and certified professionals that offer same day service all over Melbourne. Our professionals ensure that wasp removal should be done safely and effectively. Here we are discussing our working structure.


As soon as you see the nest of wasps in your home or nearby place, then get in touch with the best professionals of Marks Wasp Removal Melbourne. Our team, before controlling the wasps, do a complete inspection of the affected area. The inspection helps in knowing the extent of the infestation and all places that are covered by wasps. Our experts also analyze the other source that attracts the wasps in your residential and commercial places.  

Treatment Plan

After completing the inspection, our professionals identify the right treatment plan to control the wasps. We offer customized wasps controlling service on the same day of booking. Our experts offer safe and effective wasps extermination service. We convey a full plan to our client before starting the controlling service. 

Extermination Service  

We utilize common bug sprays, substance splashes, or non-concoction treatment to control wasps from your property. In view of the infestation level, we may apply a blend of these methods. At Marks Wasp removal Melbourne, we are constantly centered around the well-being and prosperity of our clients and pick just endorsed chemicals that are safe for your kids and pets. We offer instant and emergency service to our clients all over Melbourne. 

Post Inspection and Prevention Tips

 After completing the extermination service, our professionals revisit your place to confirm that no wasps are left. We do complete eradication of the wasps. We are working 24x7 hours. The wasp's control service offered by our professionals is long-lasting. We discard all the things that attract wasps inside your home. Our professionals also provide preventive tips so that no wasps infestation should occur in the future. Contact Marks Pest Exterminator Melbourne today for more knowledge.

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    Let us know with the assistance you are seeking, and the right person will back to you shortly.

    Common Places Where Wasps Make their Nest 

    wasp roof nest

    Walls or roof voids of houses

    Wasps make their nest in the entrance of the home, creating a lot of problems for the residents of that place. The presence of wasps in the entrance causes trouble to work in the garden and is also risky for kids to play in the garden. Our professionals reach your doorstep on the same day of booking and eliminate all wasps from your home. 

    wasp nest inside home

    Inside the home or building

    When you see the large number of wasps inside your home or gathering near to your window, then it is the indication that the nest of the wasps is broken, and the wasps will eat plasterboard adjacent to the nest. We reach your home on the same day of booking. We offer the best and reliable wasp removal service all over Melbourne.

    wasp ground nest

    Gardens & various outdoor areas

    The presence of a wasps nest in the garden and other outdoor places creates a significant problem. You will mostly find the nest attached to the tree or other standing structures. Book experts of Marks Wasp Removal Melbourne and get rid of wasp with the best approach.  We provide complete removal of the wasps at an affordable rate. 

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    Life Cycle of Wasps

    The life cycle of a wasp starts in late-winter with a new queen wasp and finishes in winter with the colony of wasps. Every wasp's group has one egg-laying queen wasp, female and male wasps. 


    ☑ Spring – the start of a new colony

    The wasps that are fertile in spring come out from the hibernation and search for the best location to set up the nest. Wasps do not use the old nests. Just like bees, wasps also help in pollination. The food source of wasps is the nectar that is obtained from plants and flowers. The queen wasps lay down 200-300 eggs per day. 

    Summer – expansion of the colony

    The colony of wasps increases rapidly. Approximately more than 5,000 wasps live in a nest. Also, during the summer, the number can speed up to 10,000 wasps. The size of the wasp's nest grows from a golf ball to a football.  

    Autumn – the decline of the colony

    As winter approaches, the female wasp reaches the end of her life, and the structure of the nest gets destroyed. The surviving wasp's worker can use no higher feed on the larvae sugar solution. So they start looking outside of the nest for the food source. As winter entrances, the food diminishes, and all hibernating queens die. We also provide same-day affordable underground hornet nest removal in Perth by experts.

    Why Hire Professionals of Marks Wasp Removal Melbourne?

    • We have more than ten years of experience in controlling wasps.
    • We use eco-friendly chemicals for removing or eliminating the wasps.
    • Our professionals cover commercial and residential places.
    • We offer a same day wasp removal service.
    • All our services are available at an affordable cost. 
    • Our work is fully guaranteed. 
    • We have trained and certified wasp controllers.
    • Our professionals take care of your kids and pets while controlling wasps.
    • Fast, prompt, and reliable service is guaranteed.
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