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Marks Pest Control is a well-established possum removal service provider. Our team of reliable and skilled pest control experts has years of experience and is highly knowledgeable. Moreover, we understand the nuisance that possums can wreck on the house. That is why we offer top-quality hassle-free possum removal services. No matter the intensity of the infestation, we can help you out. Furthermore, we use non-toxic repellents and innovative removal techniques.

What are possums?

Possum, also known as Trichosurus vulpecula, are omnivorous creatures. They have a furry body along with a bushy long tail. Generally, you will find that they have brown eyes, a pink nose, and pointed ears. Moreover, these are small in size and are comparable to a cat in length.

Different types of possums

There are various kinds of possums that might infiltrate your home. These are –

Western pygmy-possum

Scientific name: Cercartetus concinnus

The Western pygmy-possum is tiny, weighing only about 15 g. These are mostly found in dry forests where it seeks shelter. They feed on insects and nectar.

Common brushtail possum

Scientific name: Trichosurus vulpecula

One of the most common Australian pests, the common brushtail possum infiltrates the roof and makes a nest. Their body colours vary from black, brown, silver-grey to gold. Moreover, with their tail, they can grasp trees and move from one to the next.

Common ringtail possum

Scientific name: Pseudocheirus peregrines

The common ringtail possum is mostly grey in colour and has white patches underneath the eye along with a cream colour stomach. Moreover, they also have a tail that they use for enhanced mobility. Furthermore, these creatures mostly love to chew on flowers, fruits, leaves, etc.

Scaly-tailed possum

Scientific name: Wyulda squamicaudata

One of the most unusual possums, the scaly-tailed possum, has a tail that consists of bumpy scales. These devour flowers, leaves, and seeds.

Signs of Possum presence

Possum infiltrations are visible. Soon, you will find half-eaten vegetables and decorative plants. There are many more symptoms that these creatures leave behind. If you are aware, then you can spot them with ease.  Check out some of the signs of possum infestation listed below.

Interference with pet foods

Possums have a great deal of attraction to pet foods, especially cat foods. If you notice frequent missing of the cat food, you can be sure of a potential possum infestation. Also, make sure to keep your cat away from the possum to avoid severe injuries.

Exterior damage

Pay attention to the exterior part of the house. Since possums enter the house by climbing, there will be some damage to the shingles on the roof. Moreover, you must also check the gutter system, eaves, and siding.

Foul smell

Due to frequent defecation, possums leave behind an unpleasant odour. Moreover, their wet droppings can soak into the insulation of the house, thereby spreading the nasty smell.

Loud sounds

Possums make a lot of noises. These include shrieking, clicking, hissing, ripping, scratching, and scuttling. If you hear any of these sounds over a larger area, then that could indicate the arrival of possums.

Areas that can be affected by Possum

There are various areas where you can find possum infestation. Take a look at some of the places where you can easily spot these nocturnal creatures.


Wall cavities





Crawl space

Underneath deck


Our services for Possum removal

Marks Pest Control is the best possum removal company. Our team of experienced pest control experts can handle different possum infestations with ease. Moreover, we use the latest tools and eco-friendly products for the best services. Furthermore, we offer both commercial and residential possum removal services. Irrespective of the property being your home or office, you can rely on us. Also, we make arrangements so that our experts can visit the premises and assess the situation.

Locations where we serve in Australia

We understand that possums can cause a lot of havoc on your property. That is why you can opt for us in different locations. We also boast of offering exceptional possum removal services in various areas of Australia.

The areas that we offer top-rated possum removal services are –

Possum Removal Service

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Why choose us for possum removal services?

Marks Pest Control is a well-reputable possum removal service provider. With years of experience and delivering exceptional services, we have built a steady reputation. Needless to say, you can count on us to offer high-quality services. Take a look at why opting for us is a great idea.

  • Our team of reliable pest control experts offers premium-quality services.
  • You never have to worry about anything when you hire us.
  • We offer emergency and same day possum removal services.
  • Our experts use up-to-date information and the latest machinery and tools.
  • We follow all the safety protocols while conducting the process of removing the possum.
  • We charge affordable price rates for our services.
  • You can also get free quotes from us.

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