Pest Droppings

It is never a good sign if you find pest droppings in your house. Apart from being unsightly, they can signify a major pest infestation. As soon as you spot the pest droppings, what you need to do is identify what kind of pest dropping it is. This identification will help you in taking the right measures against the pests. Professionals can very well know what kind of pest dropping it is but if you understand how to identify it, then you can save a lot of your money, time, as well as energy. Once you know how to identify a pest based on droppings, you can quickly exterminate them from your house and locality.

So, let us understand various kinds of pest droppings and which pests they belong to. Pest droppings prove that you have a pest infestation. But if you identify it quickly, you can save yourself from the pest by removing it quickly after identification. Let’s see various pest droppings that you can find on a general basis.

Various Kinds Of Pest Droppings:

  1. Mice droppings- Mice droppings are the most common pest droppings found near residences. Their droppings are usually in the form of pellets and found in groups. They are black or brown in colour and size is what matters here. Their size is about ¼ or ⅟₈ of an inch. The only difference between rat and mice droppings is the size. They are just unsightly but not dangerous.
  1. Rat droppings- They are very similar to mice droppings except for the size. They have a size of ¾ an inch of length and ¼ an inch of width. Most of the time, they are pellet-shaped. However, it depends upon the species of the rats. These are not found in groups because they defecate while on move. Their droppings are slightly larger than that of mice. They can be dangerous if not cleaned. 
  1. Squirrel droppings- Squirrel droppings are round and cylindrical in shape. Their size is about inches long and they have a unique smell. With light brown in colour, these droppings are found in clusters wherever they feed. Squirrels are capable of carrying a number of diseases so their droppings can be equally dangerous. 
  1. Cockroach droppings- These are some of the most common pests found in every house. So, it is important to know their droppings and identify them. Cockroach droppings are smaller than any other pest droppings. Although they can be noticed but very difficult to eradicate. They are usually found in dark brown colour and are similar to grains of rice. Cockroach droppings are pellet-shaped and are about half an inch of a rice grain in size. As they are found in clusters they are easy to spot. They can cause allergies and asthma in humans.
  1. Bed Bug droppings- Bed Bug droppings are similar to cockroaches. Their deposits are like tiny specks just the size of a pinhead. Their droppings are usually rust coloured and are found in beds or soft furniture. The size is about 1 millimetre to 4.5 millimetres. 
  2. Bee droppings- Bee droppings are very tiny in size. Their droppings are very different from other pest droppings because they contain both their wee and feces. They usually drop or deposit their droppings on flowers. These droppings are dark yellow in color. So, many times people get confused and assume their droppings to be honey as they are perched on flowers.

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