Pest Control Methods

Got bugs, roaches or rodents in your home? If you are suffering from any pest-related problem, then knowing different pest control methods will help you deal with all kinds of pest problems.

Pests can cause severe damage, considering how dangerous these species can be for your housing properties or agriculture. Pests like cockroaches, bedbugs, flies, and fungus are capable of spreading harmful diseases and contaminate our food supplies and environment.

So, it is essential to identify what kind of pest you are dealing with and their lifestyle, so that you can choose the correct method to get rid of these pesky pests. To help you out, we will explain different types of pest control methods from biological pest control to the use of pesticides.

pest control methods

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    Hygiene Control

    The first and foremost step to keep pests away should be maintaining a clean and healthy environment all around the house. Pesticides and other methods should be the second option for pest removal.

    There are specific hygiene rules that you should follow to prevent pests from entering your house and office:

    Always clean after the meal and trash the leftover

    Always keep your food in tight-fitting containers

    Make sure that your toilet is clean and flush the toilet after every use

    Use a flyscreen to prevent pests from entering your house and seal the holes and cracks on walls and pipes.

    If you do not follow these steps and not regularly keep your property clean and hygiene, there are chances that the pest will return.

    hygiene control

    Get Professional Help

    Perhaps the best way to get rid of pests is to hire a pest control specialist. Make sure you are hiring a trained and experienced pest control company. This will ensure that you will be getting worth every penny. If this is the case- Marks Pest Control got you covered. We are experienced in the pest industry and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to make your property free of bugs. The best part is that we serve on the same day of booking even on public holidays 24x7.

    organic pest control

    Organic Pest Control

    Organic pest control treatments are the safest and eco-friendly method to eliminate pests from your property. This method is prefered by people who have pets and children at home as this method is free of harmful chemicals.

    Some of organic pest control treatment:

    Pheromone Traps Pheromone trap is a type of insect trap, in which pheromone smell is used as a bait to lure the opposite sex. This method is most successful in male pests.

    Sticky Traps As the name explains, a sticky glue is used on a particular coloured stick paper to catch insects attracted to the color.

    Insecticidal Soap Insecticidal soap is found in your near Walmart. Thus, you can also create it at your home by mixing up some ingredients. Insecticidal soap contains unsaturated fatty acid, which is produced from animal fat. It is most effective on insects like mites, whiteflies, and other soft-body insects.

    Oil Spray Oil Spray is also one of the most effective ways of organic pest control methods. Use horticulture oil to fight pests like mites, caterpillars, leafhoppers, beetles, and whiteflies. It is crucial to spray the oil directly on pests to kill or make it go away.

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    electronic pest control

    Electronic Pest Control

    It is also one of the chemical-free methods, all thanks to technology advancement, it has become easy to get rid of pests these days. Several products in the market create electromagnetic and ultrasonic sound to keep pests away from your house or office. The electromagnetic sound affects the nervous system of pests like mice, spiders, or mosquitoes, making it difficult for them to enter your house. Ultrasonic devices produce a high-frequency sound, which is unbearable for these pests.

    biological pest control

    Biological Pest Control

    This method is the safest and effective way to fight with pest infestation. It is mostly used as it does not have any drawbacks for the rest of the environment. In this treatment, a chemical-free substance is used to kill the bacteria. For example, mosquito dunk is used to kill mosquito larvae safely. It contains bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, which is toxic to mosquito larvae, and it does not contaminate water. This bacteria is harmless to pets and wildlife.

    The main objective of biological pest control treatment is to kill bacteria without affecting other aspects of nature. However, it is only useful on a tiny portion of insect species.

    mechanical pest control

    Mechanical Pest Control

    The mechanical pest control method includes the use of physical and hands-on tools to get the job done. It is used to kill a large number of insects. In this method, a protective barrier is created between the insect and the plant(e.g., row covers). It helps remove and further stop the attack and spread of insects and saves the plant from further destruction. The key to protecting the property is by removing this deadly species and preventing them from spreading.

    chemical pest control

    Chemical Pest Control

    Pesticides pest control methods are used when organic methods do not produce the result, so some people opt for chemical pest control methods. There are hundreds and thousands of chemical products available in the market; they are easy to use but harmful to the environment; they contaminate the land, air, and water. Pesticides are available in different forms solid, liquid, and aerosol. These pesticides can kill pests from oral entry (via mouth), respiratory entry (through breath), and dermal entry ( with skin contact). Remember to read the label on the pesticides before using and seal all the open items like food, utensils, and drinks before spraying such chemical made products. If you face difficulty in using these chemical products, call a pest control service for help.

    heat treatment

    Heat Treatment

    Heat treatment is also one of the chemical-free pest control techniques. It is effective against insects like bed bugs, cockroaches, and wood-boring.

    In this process, a technology called endotherm is used to heat the area. It takes about two hours or so to fully heat-up the particular area and temperature is maintained at 50 and 60 degrees celsius to dehydrate and kill all the life cycle of pests and bugs from eggs and larvae to adults.

    In some methods, heat temperature is built at a certain level in an infested area to instantly kill the insects because they can not bear such an amount of heat.

    Few benefits of heat treatment:

    1) Non-chemical:- Heat treatment is safe and chemical-free pest control methods. There is no use of chemicals; hence it does not produce any side effects. Moreover, using chemical-based products to kill insects can lead to ozone layer depletion.

    2) Single Treatment:- While chemical treatment may require to run over an extended period time, whereas, heat treatment is performed once for the low and mid-level infestation to get rid of bugs effectively.

    3) Fewer Disturbances:- It takes only 3-4 hours to finish this treatment, and treated areas can be used afterward as no chemical is involved; it does not require any cleaning.

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