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Have you heard or read about Marks Pest Control? We are one of the leading flies and moth control service providers. Our agency hires only certified and licensed professionals for the job. Hence, all the professional pest controllers that work with us are experts. They follow all kinds of rules and regulations while exterminating flies and moths. Thus, we are flies and moth control experts and all customers prefer us for the services. 

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    What our experts say about flies, moths, and their life

    Our experts have had many years of experience and they know almost everything about flies and moths. That is why they explain to you the life cycle of moths and flies. Here you can find what our experts say about flies, moths and their life.

    Flies and their life cycle

    Flies are the most commonly recognized insects or pests. They are commonly found in every other home. Flies develop through a process called metamorphosis. The life cycle of a fly consists of four stages that include:

    • Eggs - Pupae
    • Larvae - Adult fly

    The life cycle of a fly begins with an egg. This egg hatches in about 20 days and reaches its larval stage. At this stage, larvae are also called maggots. Maggots shed layers of skin after each stage. Then, they reach the pupae stage. Now, within four to six days of warm temperature, these flies become adult flies. 

    Moths and their life cycle

    Moths have a distinctive life cycle. Similar to flies, moths also have four stages of the life cycle. These stages are as follows: Egg, Larvae, Pupae/Cocoon, Adult moth. Each step of the moth’s life cycle is significant for its life. It generally takes some 4-8 days for an egg to hatch. It also depends upon the humidity as well as the temperature required for the egg to hatch. Then, comes the larval stage, where the moths are very active. They are disastrous at such a stage until they become a cocoon. The pupae stage lasts for up to 50 days, sometimes an adult moth comes out in 8-10 days. 

    What do we do to control flies and moths?

    For controlling flies and moths, we follow several procedures. With the usage of various techniques and methods, we get rid of moths and flies. Here are some of the ways we use for flies and moths control:

    • Pesticide spray- Pesticide sprays are very effective in getting rid of flies and moths. Flies and moths react to such sprays instantly. These sprays help in effectively controlling them. For fly pest control, we use a common pesticide that contains permethrin. While for moth pest control, we use a pesticide that contains pyrethrins. They provide a quick result in controlling the moths.
    • Fumigation- Fumigation is also one of the most effective methods of fly and moth control. In this method, some chemicals are used to form fumes and smoke. Usually, for fly control, a pyrethrum-based aerosol insecticide is used for fumigation. And fumigation kills all kinds of moths. We use Formula C moth spray or Formula P fogger for moth fumigation.
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    Our agency is a well-known pest control company in Australia. We not only control pests but also help you prevent them. People in Australia trust us for our professional and trustworthy pest control services. We are very famous in all parts of this country. That is why we are serving in different locations in Australia. The major suburbs, cities, or locations that we serve include:

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    We at Marks Pest Control deal with all your fly and moth control needs. We understand that you might have different needs for different pest control. However, our professionals offer all the fly and moth control services at reasonable rates. You can get price quotes for all your flies and moth control needs. On average, the price quote for pest control in Australia is about $53 per hour. However, it depends upon the states, where they start from $30 to $60.

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