Silverfish Control Melbourne

Harmful Effects of Silverfish on Human Life

These creepy insects fly to safety when disturbed and there is a greater chance of hurting yourself in an attempt to chase them down as they are quite fast and hide in cracks and crevices. Silverfish infestation can affect you in a lot of ways:

  • These generally hide in the day and forge in the night and are a bit difficult to search.
  • They make their nests close to the food supply.
  • Further, they damage clothing, books, papers, foods in pantries and wallpaper.
  • They feed on yarn, silk, starchy food, glue and book bindings and may destroy them.
  • Additionally, silverfish form small holes in the materials they bite and cause it to stain yellow.
  • They dwell in the linen piles and plumbing and may damage it.
  • Moreover, the discarded silverfish skin causes allergy in human beings.
  • Their presence in the house can cause asthma.
  • Silverfish are capable of scaling walls and ceilings and live for a long time up to eight years making your home a permanent one for them.
  • Further, they become food for other insects such as spiders, cockroaches which then spread other harmful diseases.
  • Additionally, they also destroy cereals and can breed inside the sealed packages also.
Silverfish Control Melbourne

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    How to Identify Silver Fish Infestation?

    Silver fishes are nocturnal and their identification is a bit difficult. However, here are a few identifications that can help you out in silverfish control Melbourne:

    • Cast Skin and Tiny Feces

      The cast skin and feces of silverfish look like pepper. Thus, if you detect any of these at your home, chances are high that your building is infested by silverfish.

    • Holes

      Silverfish can cause holes in the wallpaper. Hence, the presence of holes can also indicate silverfish infestation.

    • Yellow Stains

      Silverfish causes the fabrics, books, and wallpapers to turn yellow.

    • Moisture Locks

      They prefer moisture and get trapped in sinks and bathtubs. Therefore, look for these areas for their infestation, if any.

    • Inspect the Clothes

      They eat cotton, linen, and silk. So to search for an infestation, check your cloth closets.

    • Inspect for Places that have Glue

    Silverfish love to eat glue and gum. Thus, look at the furniture and other areas where glue might have been used.

    • Cardboard Boxes

    Their favorable places include cardboard boxes, magazines, and bookbinding. Therefore, looking at these places can also make you aware of silverfish infestation if any.

    Eradication of Silverfish

    Silverfish control in Melbourne can be done by one of the following ways:

      • Avoid Humid Conditions

        Silverfish flourish in the humid areas. Thus, if you could prevent moisture from entering your place, then silverfish infestation can be prevented to a large extent. Here are a few steps that you can adopt to ensure that there is lesser moisture in your home:

      • Prevent leakage if there is any in the house.
      • Additionally, maintain a proper ventilation in closed rooms.
      • Do not allow water to accumulate anywhere.
      • Moreover, if possible, use a humidifier.
      • Vacuum them out Use vacuum pumps to clean the cracks and the crevices so as to physically remove insects from their harborages.
        • Store Food Carefully

    Silverfish regularly feed on starch. Hence food should be stored carefully in sealed containers for silverfish control Melbourne.

    • Removal of Harborage sites

      Seal windows, cabinets, moldings with caulk to make these areas less hospitable for these pests.

    • Dry things in the sun

      Expose the things in the stored areas to the sun to prevent the formation of mold which attracts silverfish.

    • Non-Chemical Treatment:

      Diatomaceous earth and borate-based products are very effective in eradicating these pests.

    Other Silverfish Control Melbourne Methods

    • Pro-Active Silverfish Control Spray

    Spray the solution in all areas and keep the children and animals away from the area. Let the product dry completely.

    Apply chemical to the wall and the floor junctions below the washing machines and the cookers every 30 days to ensure complete eradication of the pests.

    • Cyper WP

      It is a powder that is wettable and is visible on the dark surfaces. Spray it on the entry points and the baseboards.

    • Dust

      Use dust where silverfish hides itself commonly such as attic insulation, behind the refrigerators and the ovens, electronic outlets and the light fixtures. Additionally, you can use D-Fense dust and the Cimexa Dust on an area of 1000 square feet for silverfish control Melbourne.

    • Baits

      Baits attract the silverfish. They eat them and die at the spot. Some of such baits include Intice Perimeter 10 and Invict Xpress.

    Adopt the above methods and prevent these pests from returning back into your home. However, if the things are out of control and you are finding it hard to deal with silverfish in Melbourne, just give a call to Marks Pest Control.

    Marks Pest Control is a leading Pest control expert in Melbourne. We are a licensed pest control expert and deal with all types of pest. We also provide silverfish pest control in Perth at an affordable cost.

    Contact us today to know more about silverfish Control Melbourne.

    Silverfish Pest Removal 


    Simple Tips for Controlling Silverfish

    You can control or remove silverfish from your homes or office by following the steps given below

    • Keep your trash and litter in check and never leave piles of paper anywhere dark or damp place.
    • Keep your bookshelves and libraries clean and always make sure that there is no visible sign of silverfish anywhere.
    • Eliminate all the cracks in the storage rooms, garages or any other places where silverfish would inhabit.
    • Store paper material or food in airtight containers or sealed cupboards. Don't let paper trash collect in store rooms or offices.
    • Hire professionals like Marks Pest control for detection and prevention from a silverfish infestation

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I get rid of silverfish?

    Getting rid completely from silverfish manually is very hard, because these small creatures hide them so well out of your reach and will multiply and come back again next season. So for getting complete control, you should call silverfish experts and take their help.

    Why silverfish enter our house?

    It is basically because of the dryness present in our houses which makes ideal conditions for these silverfishes to survive long.

    What do silverfish eat at our house?

    Silverfish can eat flour, cereal books, magazines, etc.

    Can silverfish bite humans?

    It is almost impossible for silverfish to bite humans because of their small and weak teeth.

    From where silverfish can enter our house?

    Mainly silverfish can enter our house from the soil or grass present in our garden our home’s outskirts.


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