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Marks Pest Control offers all kinds of pest control services. We are famous for providing excellent services for borer control. We have a team of extremely talented and professional exterminators. If you are struggling with problems because of borers in your house, then you can call us immediately. We offer the best services for borer control. Apart from providing the services, we also provide free advice to you. You can call us any time on 0482074889 and ask for a free quote.

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Signs of borer presence

Borers are usually found in trees. So, if you have trees around your house, you must be at risk. Look out for possible signs and symptoms of borers if you suspect a borer infestation. The signs and symptoms of borer presence are as follows:

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    • Damage of wood- If you witness a lot of damage on the outer parts of the trees, that is wood. Then, these can be due to the presence of borers. The damage caused is generally by woodpeckers. Wondering why we are talking about woodpeckers when we are suspecting a borer? Well, woodpeckers feed on borer larvae. When they find borers in your trees, they start pecking at them and damaging the outer bark. 
    • Galleries of larvae- Larval galleries can be visible in the cambium of the tree. This is one of the important signs of borer presence. These galleries are s-shaped and are found just below the bark of the tree. These galleries of larvae cause damage to the tree and also lead to its death. 
    • Holes- Holes in the tree are a very common sign of borer presence. These are usually small and most difficult to locate. The holes in the trees are usually used by borers to exit from the tree. Holes are caused due to two reasons mainly-
      1. Because of the entry of borer, when they dig holes to enter
      2. When they need to exit the tree
    • Crown dieback- The most visible symptom of borer presence is crown dieback. Dieback is nothing but the condition when the ability of the tree to pass on the water and nutrients to all its parts are lost. However, it takes many years for the crown dieback to be noticed. Until then, the damage would be done by the borers. This is caused extensively due to larvae feeding. The only solution for the prevention of dieback is to check for holes and other signs.
    • Basal sprouting- Basal sprouting is nothing but the tree starts to grow new branches from its trunk. Although it is a very rare phenomenon, this can happen due to the borer infestation. Borers cause a lot of stress to the tree that in turn results in such problems. If you witness sprouts appearing from your tree trunk, it must be assumed that it is because of borer infestation. 

    Areas and objects that can be affected by borer

    Borers can affect a lot of objects. However, most importantly, they affect wooden objects, especially trees. Trees are the prime things for borer infestation or attack. Other wooden objects such as furniture, chairs, tables, etc can also be affected by borers.

    Eradication of borer: what we do

    Borers need to be exterminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can cause a huge problem for you. So, if a borer infests at your home then hire us. We at Marks Pest Control follow the below-mentioned steps to eradicate the borers from your house:

    • Borers are mostly attracted to moisture, especially in wood. So, the first thing we do is to get rid of the wood.
    • If at all there are cracks and holes in the wood, we seal them completely. This prevents the borers from entering the wood.
    • We also get rid of the wood that is infested by borers. So that we can stop spreading the infestation.
    • We treat wooden objects with no borer wood protection solutions.
    • Also, we provide enough ventilation to your wooden objects so that they don’t get moist.

    What to expect after borer control?

    You might not always know what exactly you need to do after borer control. So, here we explain what you can do after controlling borers. Take a look at the things to expect after borer control:

    • Remove any kind of furniture or wooden objects.
    • Ensure that all your clothing and valuables are stored away.
    • Remove all the pillows, duvets, bed sheets, covers, etc.
    • Use plastic wraps to store your belongings as they cannot absorb the chemicals
    • Keep your pets (if any) away from your house
    • Turn off the fridge and store your kitchen utensils in plastic wrap
    • Do not clean your house immediately
    • Wait until the time you are recommended to reach back home

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    Why choose us for borer control?

    We are the best when it comes to pest control. We offer excellent borer control services. There are many reasons for choosing us for borer control services. The reasons are as follows:

    • We provide affordable and upfront pricing
    • Excellent workmanship and good quality borer control
    • Usage of upgraded tools and equipment
    • We have a team of fully licensed and insured professionals
    • Also, offer quick borer control services in case of emergencies

    So, book with us whenever you require borer control services. Call us today for further details about services, availability, and charges.

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