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Pest control agencies can be found all around the city nowadays. Obviously, pest control has become a serious need for people. However, working in the pest control industry is a completely different perspective. What are your thoughts when you think about the people working in a pest control agency? You only see the professionals who come to your home to solve your problems but you never know the inside story. At the pest control office, the people experience some good, bad, as well as worse moments. 

Sometimes, when people call for bookings, their reactions are funny and even ugly. Some of them can be heard screaming over the phone because of the pest infestations while some even start crying. There is no doubt that pests are not at all easy to handle and for people with no experience, this can even be traumatizing. Apart from these, we also hear people being cheated on. This affects us as much as it affects them. Because living around pests is not easy and people cheating customers for the sake of money in the name of pest control is the worst that can happen. 

There is one such story that we would like to share. Once an elderly couple had called us asking about rodent infestation. After asking about the signs and symptoms, we agreed upon a scheduled time for the rodent control. However, they were still a bit doubtful about our agency, they kept on asking about our charges again and again. When we assured them that these were the prices and that were far more reasonable than other agencies, that is when the man told us his story.

Once a few people had come up to his home saying they were rodent controllers and were conducting an inspection for free. Being an old couple they didn’t ask them anything and were in fact glad that they were being helped by someone. The people started inspecting and they sprayed some general spray. The old couple believed whatever they told them because why would they question professionals right? Those people convinced them that there were rodents in their attic. Because they couldn’t go to the attic so they believed them.

Those people then said that for the complete rodent control treatment, the price would be 2000$ for a few months. They would start the work from the next week if the payment was made. The couple agreed to pay them as they thought it would be for their betterment and made the payment. But after a few days, when they tried to contact those people, there was no response. Now, there was actually a rodent infestation at their home as they could see the pests crawling around and making disturbing noises but this time they could not trust any agency. 

Then, their neighbor suggested talking to our agency as we are certified professionals and we have many years of experience in pest control. That is when the couple approached us with their ordeal and was still skeptical about the money. Understanding their problems our officials convinced them that we are actually a certified and licensed agency. We also visited their house for an inspection and asked them to lodge a complaint against those scammers. 

We want to let you know that nothing is free and no one gives their services for free. So we warn you to be aware of such scammers. Whenever someone of such kind approaches you, ask them for their identification. Check whether they are a verified company and they have a license or insurance. Search about them, see their ratings and customer reviews. If you do not like it at any time and think something is wrong, you can select another agency. We just want to warn you not to trust such scammers and lose your money. Be aware of the things and most importantly be safe. If you still have any doubts in your mind, you can feel free to contact us

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