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Silverfish infestations are very difficult to notice and eliminate. So, it is highly recommended to hire professional experts from Marks Pest Control for safe elimination. They can survive without food for months and usually roam around your place at night. This is the reason why large infestations of silverfish require professional guidance for termination. We make sure that our skilled and experienced technicians carefully investigate your place and remove the silverfish infestation without any harm.

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    Tips for identifying silverfish presence

    Silver fishes are nocturnal and their identification is a difficult task. However, here are a few signs that can help you identify silverfish infestations:

    Cast Skin and Tiny Faeces

    The cast skin and feces of silverfish look like pepper. So, if you detect any of these, chances are high that your property is infested by silverfish.


    Silverfish cause holes in the wallpaper. Hence, the presence of holes can also help identify silverfish infestation.

    Yellow Stains

    Silverfish causes the fabrics, books, and wallpapers to turn yellow. So, look for yellow stains.

    Moisture Locks

    They prefer moisture and are often found in sinks and bathtubs. Therefore, look for these areas for any infestation.

    Inspect the Clothes

    They eat cotton, linen, and silk. So to search for an infestation, check your cloth closets.

    Inspect for Places that have Glue

    Silverfish usually love to feed on glue and gum. Thus, look at the areas where glue might have been used.

    Cardboard Boxes

    Their favorable places include cardboard boxes, magazines, and bookbinding. Thus, try looking at these places as these can also make you aware of silverfish infestation if any.

    Why Choose Us for Silverfish Control

    We, at Marks Pest Control, aim at providing you with the best services at the best rates. We offer everything under your budget, no matter what the service is. We also aim at offering you all the services that you require exactly on time. Our team will reach your place at the given time and start their work right on schedule. We provide you with the best silverfish controllers. This way they can understand the conditions of your house better and be able to locate the problem quickly based on the conditions of your locality. We are available 24*7 so you can contact us at any time of the day. The top priority of our services is to provide the best quality services to the customers for the complete satisfaction of our clients.

    Silverfish Control Services

    Our services

    Marks Pest Control has many years of experience in handling all types of pests in the whole surrounding neighborhood. Our fully stocked vehicles and state-of-the-art tools and equipment ensure our methods are sure to work 100% of the time. We also assure that our control practices are safe and environment-friendly.

    Pro-Active Silverfish Control Spray

    Spray the solution in areas away from children and animals. Allow the product to dry completely. Apply chemicals to the wall and floors below the washing machines and cookers every 30 days to ensure complete elimination of the pests.

    Cypher WP

    It is a powder that is wettable and visible on dark surfaces. Therefore, spray it on the entry points and the baseboards to get rid of the silverfish.


    We use dust where silverfish hides commonly such as the attic insulation, behind the refrigerators and the ovens, and other places. In addition to it, you can use D-Fence dust and the Cimexa Dust to completely get rid of silverfish.


    These baits attract the silverfish. They usually eat them and die at the spot.

    Follow the above control practices and prevent silverfish pests from returning back into your home. If, however, things go out of control in dealing with silverfish, just contact us at Marks Pest Control. We are a licensed pest control experts and deal with all types of silverfish problems. Contact us immediately to avail of our services on silverfish control.

    Locations where we provide our services

    We offer both residential pest control and commercial pest control all over Australia. Our main objective is not to burden you with difficult processes. We do not want you to worry about having to return for multiple pest treatments. We focus on resolving your problem the first time and make your experience hassle-free and stress-free. We have licensed pest control service providers and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We guarantee you to provide eco-friendly pest control services.

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    Contact us at Marks Pest Control today to know more about our best services for silverfish control. We also provide an obligation-free and free of cost quote for all kinds of residential and commercial silverfish control services. We aim at travelling throughout the country in order to provide our effective and efficient services for complete customer satisfaction.

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