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Are you searching for quick service to remove possums from the roof in Canberra? With licensed wildlife handlers, Marks Pest Control is your local possum catcher in Canberra. Moreover, you can rely on our professional possum removal Canberra staff for on-time and rapid service. Our possum removal service is humane & we are fully equipped with the latest techniques and baits to trap pests. 

Our possum removalists can organise a complete inspection of your home, locate the exit and entry points & ensure your areas are fully sealed for possums, resisting them from re-entering your property. 

Our company offers an environment-friendly possum removal in Canberra. Furthermore, our service will not only keep the possums away but also act as a shield against other pests like rats, snakes and mice. So, if you wish to rest peacefully in a possum free property, dial us at 0482074889. 

Reasons Why You Need Possum Removal? 

  • Possums upset your pets 

Most possums do not disturb you, but your pets can disagree. The pets often engage themselves in fights with possums in which both of them can get hurt. Moreover, your pet may acquire a disease from possums. Not to miss, possum can steal your pet food too. 

  • Possums can make a garbage mess

Possums are fond of creating messes out of garbage bins. Usually, dogs or racoons were the first, & possums just did not miss an opportunity to discover some food from bins too.

  • Wreck Your House 

If possum somehow sneaks into your rooms, get yourself rabies tested. Possums release a foul odour when threatened. They do carry many parasites and other harmful diseases. So, on any possum activity, seek professional assistance.   

Possum Inspections & Tips and Tricks To Avoid Them

We are here in Canberra with the best possum inspectors. On calling us for possum inspection, we offer a complete and humane pest inspection service. Towards the end, we provide you with a report on possum inspection. And, if we found any possum- an affordable removal plan is also offered. Simple tips & tricks to prevent possums are: 

  • Keep your dustbins covered when not in use with a lid lock. 
  • Bring the pet food inside during the evening time 
  • Avoid adding pet products to the compost.
  • Keep your garden maintained & clean. 
  • Discard fallen or overripe veggies & fruits.
  • Turn on outdoor lights to prevent possums.
  • Possums have sensitive noses. Use mothballs, blood meal & dog urine to frighten possums.
  • Remove hiding spots for possums. Like- garden equipment.

End Of Lease Possum Removal In Canberra

A tenant must leave a property in safe and clean condition before vacating. Moreover, if you have pets, an end of lease pest control is highly recommended. So, if you are searching for “end of lease possum removal near me,” we are here to help. Our company aims at delivering instant end of lease possum treatments to tenants in Canberra. Moreover, our possum removal cost is also reasonable.

 On recruiting us, we provide an inspection of your rental home/ office to determine possum presence. If the place requires removal treatment- our possum catchers will do it for you.  

We do give you a receipt to ensure our attendance and a complete record of the chemicals/ baiting methods used. Moreover, we only use possum catching methods that are naturally sound. 

Rapid Dead Possum Removal In Canberra

If the possums die on your roofs or garden area, issues arise that may be too difficult for you to handle. That is why our possum removal Canberra team is offering dead possum removals. We utilise safety kits, boots, gloves and best quality possum trappers to trap dead pests because dead possums give unpleasant smells, stains, illnesses, skunks and contamination. 

Moreover, we suggest you stay at least five feet away from dead possum or any other pest. Calling us for a quick dead possum removal service is highly essential. So, without waiting any further, reach out to us today for the fastest and safest dead possum removal service. Also, our dead possum removal costs are fair and reasonable.

Services That Can Protect You Against Possums

  • Residential Possum Removal: Our possum catchers offer a quick and safe home possum removal service in Canberra. 
  • Commercial Possum Removal: Let our professional possum catchers give you a possum free workplace at low prices. 
  • Pre-purchase possum removal: You must call us for a pre-buy possum inspection in Canberra. We send experts to give quick analysis & removal.
  • Same day Possum removal: All of our possum removal options are given within 24 hours of making a booking. Avail same day possum free place now!
  • Emergency Possum removal: Got a possum removal emergency- reach out to us. We offer high quality & low-priced possum catching services in Canberra.

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Pros Of Choosing Us For Possum Removal In Canberra

Safe service is our Number 01 priority. Our possum removal Canberra team accesses your home/ office before beginning with the job & discussing everything with you. Moreover, we consider any health issues (asthmatic problems), whether pets and children are present, or any natural factors have to be considered (streams & lakes)- to ensure you get safe and effective treatment. 

For us, the customer is a name, not just a number- we deliver professional possum pest control treatments specially tailored to your requirements. 

  • Complete range of pest inspection, treatment and removal services
  • Fast response for possum infestations
  • Possum removal traps and products are safe for pets & children
  • Fully insured for possum catching and removals
  • Local, friendly and honest possum removalists
  • Affordable, professional and experienced catchers
  • We show up on or before time

Avail Our Green Possum Removal In Canberra and Nearby Suburbs 

You can now avail yourself of our best possum removal services in Canberra and nearby locations. Not just in Yarralumla, Deakin or Lyons of Canberra but we are also covering more nearby locations too. So, feel free to call us to resolve any possum removal problem. Just give us your address & name via call and we will arrange a quick possum control or removal for you. We also provide affordable same day possum catcher service by experts.


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