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Borers are very common pests found almost everywhere. Firstly, during their larval stage they tend to damage the plants. And later they start damaging the wooden structures as well. Borers have many stages from larvae to adult. Also, during the larval stage most borers are just like beetles and moths. Hence, they are also called wood boring insects as they have wood damaging qualities. Hence we also provide insecticide for wood boring beetles. 

Therefore, to prevent your homes and gardens from any damage - consider getting our expert borer insect control services in Brisbane. Marks Pest Control is a prime name when it comes to borer pest control in Queensland. The Borer control Brisbane team is proud that we can deliver the highest quality pest control services. Moreover, our professionals are dedicated and quick with their job. Hence, hurry up and grab our availing offers on borer pest control services. Call us today on 0482074889

The different types of borers commonly found in Brisbane and nearby areas 

There are almost a huge number of different borers around. For instance, here are some of the common ones you will find:

  • Stem borer
  • Twig borer 
  • Shoot borer
  • Wood Boring beetles 
  • Root borers 
  • House longhorn beetles 
  • Common furniture borers
  • Wharf Borer

They all usually come in brown, grey or black in colour. And the adults are usually in size 1 mm - 25 mm. To identify a borer infestation at your place look for signs such as:

  • Small holes on surface of the timbers 
  • Search for eggs in cracks, wooden things and floorboards
  • If you find bore dust around, which is the result of borers chewing through the wood. 

Hence, our professionals will perform services like stem borer treatment, wood borer control and locus borer treatment according to the type of borer. 

Diversified professional borer control services we offer in Brisbane 

  •  Domestic borer control - Wanting a borer control near me? We are your local experts in best borer control and extermination. Therefore, ring us on our customer care and go through our easy booking options. 
  •  Pre-purchase borer inspection - A new home or a new property should always be pest free. Hence, to make sure there are no signs of borer pests, call us to do an inspection report. And we will take care of it from there by providing the best home borer control. 
  •  Emergency borer control services - We also deliver emergency wood borer pest control services in Brisbane. Hence, now you do not have to worry about emergency pest problems. 
  •  Restaurant borer control -  Restaurants always make sure to have beautiful furnishings around. But borer infestation can ruin all the structural things. Hence, we are available all round the clock. Hence, you can call us anytime to make emergency bookings. 
  •  Same day borer control - Moreover, you get same day borer control services in Brisbane. 
  •  Borer inspection and removal - We always make sure to do a thorough inspection. And later perform the necessary treatment methods. We use chemicals like permethrin and copper azole to treat the wood. Hence, we are the prime borer treatment service and borer inspection service  providers in Brisbane. 

We are the expert and affordable borer pest controllers near you 

Pest control involves many procedures and products. Hence, it might be a little on the expensive side. But our company uses only natural pesticides and other chemicals with less toxicity. Hence, they are reasonable and affordable. Therefore, our borer pest control costs are very reasonable. Moreover, you get to enjoy expertise in the pest control at such an economical price. So hurry up and get your booking today. We also provide same-day Borer Control in Canberra services at a low cost.

Why will choosing our services benefit you?

  • Professional pest control can always be trusted. As they are performed by trained borer exterminators. 
  • Our company makes sure that all our team members are licensed and certified. 
  • Moreover, we take borer control situations seriously. We take an integrated approach towards borers. 
  • Firstly, we offer borer pest control services like borer pest survey, borer inspection services, borer treatment services, corn borer treatment, and borer aftercare services. 
  • Lastly, we make sure to use effective methods like petroleum based sprays and wood preservative chemicals to keep borers away. 


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