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Marks Pest Control is one of the fastest-growing borer control companies in Canberra and nearby regions. If you are a business owner or a homeowner, we can help you with the right borer treatment. Furthermore, our borer control Canberra team has non-toxic solutions to take care of any borer issue in Canberra. Being a locally owned & operated company- we run fast and value for money corn to locust borer treatments. We moreover give regular training to our borer exterminators for providing end-to-end services. So, if you are searching for “wood borer control near me,” do call us out. We are happily serving Canberra with 24 by 7 service hours. For appointments, directly talk to us on our toll-free number (+61) 482 074 889

Tips & Tricks To Keep Borers Away! 

  • Keep The Kitchen Clean: Borers thrive in damp and dirty atmospheres. In order to avoid borers, keep your kitchen racks, counters, drawers and stove-tops clean. All you need to do is wipe with a moist cloth after every use. 
  • Keep The Bathroom Clean: Keeping the bathing area dry and clean is highly recommended. A damp & moist bathroom is an attraction point for borers and other pests. 
  • Avoid Standing Water: Pests like borers can easily breed in standing water. So, it’s your responsibility to clean the place around your home and ensure the drains are working properly. 
  • Keep a distance between wood and soil: You must keep distance between the garden area and your home. Since wood acts as prey for borers, your furniture & wooden doors are at risk. 

Importance Of Borer Control 

Wood borer pest control adds protection from serious insects that leads to health issues & property damage. The Do-It-Yourself doesn’t always work for borers. If you want to get your problem resolved from scratch, then hiring a professional for stem borer treatment is a necessity. Borers are also known for creating property damages. 

Hiring a professional borer prevention treatment will cost you much less than heavy borer-damage repairs. Moreover, our expert borer controllers are fully licensed and equipped with all the safety measures, which a common individual does not have. So, don’t risk your health living in a place full of borers and appoint us for a quick & effective borer examination and treatment today. 

Range Of Elite Borer Control Canberra Service That You Can Get From Us

  • Residential Borer Control Service: Domestic borer control service in Canberra is one of our best qualities. You can trust our borer control Canberra team to offer the finest quality corn borer treatment solutions at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, our home borer controls will not harm you, your pets & nature. 
  • Commercial Borer Control Service: Borer nestings can be a health risk to your employees & clients. As a popular borer insect control for commercial properties, we can give you a borer-free environment in less time and money! We can be relied upon to safeguard your office premises. 
  • Pre-purchase Borer Inspection Service: Our specialist borer exterminators use branded tools & equipment to detect borers in vacant properties. So, no matter if you are moving to a new property in South or West Canberra, we can help. Let us book a pre-purchase borer inspection slot for you today! 
  • Emergency Borer Control Service: Considering pest emergencies, we are running a unique emergency borer control service in Canberra. You are free to schedule us for short notice borer control treatments anywhere in Canberra. With the latest insecticide for wood borers, we show up quickly & give the best service. 
  • Same-day Borer Control Service: At Marks Pest Control, we can help you with the same day borer treatment service. Our borer insecticides work well for most types of borers. Furthermore, our exterminators are trained in devising cost-saving same day borer control plans. So, as to assure a hygienic & borer-free place is maintained.

Easy To Notice Signs Of Borer Infestations 

  • Eggs- observing cracks in woody objects, timbers and floorboards.
  • Tunnels In The Furniture: Also called “galleries” that are too hard for you to see at most times. 
  • Dead Borers: usually seen around the infested furniture or nearby doors & window sills. 
  • Exit holes on infested wood: oval and round-shaped with sharp corners, the cavities will look fresh and clean. 
  • Damaged Floorboards: In severe cases, a chair leg or foot passing by the floor tells a more serious issue. 
  • Crumbling of Wood: Finding crumbling woods around edges or corners of floorboards. 
  • Larvae Of wood Borers: The larvae are of yellowish-white colour and usually curved-shaped. 
  • Borer Dust/ Frass: Formed by emerging new borers, mostly found below the nested wood. 

Canberra’s Dead Borer Removal Experts 

If your place has just shown you a dead borer lying by the wood, seek help. Marks Pest Control is Canberra’s fastest dead borer removal company. Since our aim is to give clients a safe & borer-free place, we deliver dead borer removals at a speedy rate. This simply means, on calling us for removing dead borers- we give you the same day service. Keeping your budget in mind, we have kept all of our dead borer removal and control charges low. So, without stressing your budget, book us and avail the top-grade borer removal services in Canberra. 

Borer Control Services Active In Canberra & Nearby Locations 

If you are someone who is tired of controlling borer problems & wishing for a permanent solution, we can help. Our effective borer control services are not just active in Canberra but in its nearby locations as well. Just ring us up with your location and we will form a customized borer elimination service for you. We are active in Belconnen, Majura, Weston Creek and many more. We also provide same-day Borer Control in Hobart services at a low cost.

What Makes Our Borer Exterminators The Best In Canberra? 

We are here in Canberra with high-quality borer inspection and control services. We have been awarded as the Number #01 borer control specialists by our regular clients. Have a look at our specialities below: 

  • Using environment-friendly methods and organic borer control solutions for desirable results. 
  • We are local & aware of the shortest route possible to your place. 
  • Being the best in the eyes of our clients, we charge affordable prices for all borer treatments. 
  • Certified, licensed and insured in doing multiple borer pest controls in Canberra. 


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