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Wasps are some deadly pests. They are not at all friendly. Having a wasp infestation can prove to be fatal. Wasps can eat wood and plasterboards too. Get your house free from wasps now by hiring our Wasp Removal Canberra team. 

At Marks Pest Control, we have professional wasp controllers who have the proper knowledge about their behaviour. We have been providing services for many years. We provide modern techniques to tackle their infestation easily. Hire us for an effective Wasp Treatment Service. Contact us now 0482074889.

Types Of Wasps:-

There are many deadly wasp species roaming around. Getting the actual knowledge about their types can help you a lot. In fact, having identifying skills can let you know the danger is at your house. Below are a few types mentioned.

Paper Wasps:-

They are less aggressive when compared to other wasps. Paper wasps live over the hangs of houses or below the house. These can be identified by their yellowish colour on the body with black colour touch. Paper wasps give painful stings if they are disturbed or if you step into their territory accidentally. It is better to call professionals to make the problem go away.

Yellow Jackets:-

Yellow-jackets are way more aggressive than paper wasps. They can infect a human being with severe pain and sometimes deadly viruses too. They are mostly found beneath houses or trees. You can identify them by their colour combination of black and yellow. They are half-inch long. 

Solitary Wasps:-

Solitary wasps don't make communal colonies. Instead, they believe in making their own colonies. They are deadly looking but are not so furious. If a human intentionally disturbs them they sting. Solitary wasps can be found near holes or plants, mud. The female solitary wasp makes their food by attacking and paralyzing the insect. They lay many eggs at a point in time.

Note: Treating the wasp problem by yourself can never give you a satisfactory result. It is better to appoint our Home Wasp  Removal Services. We have excellent materials and techniques to bait them and eliminate each and every wasp. We have an amazing Wasp Removal Canberra team who work 24/7. Call us now!

Local Wasp Rescue And Collectors Team In Canberra

Wasps can cause you real pain and they can chew up the wood and plasterboard too. It is better to call your Local Wasp Controller now! We are available to provide services to every corner of Canberra. We have remarkably trained wasp controllers. We provide the Best Wasp Control in the city. Each of the controllers has the information to identify the type of wasp. We also provide budget services to make it easy for you. Get your house a fresh start without wasps. Call our Wasp Removal Canberra unit now to book us. 

Different Wasp Removal Services Which Are Provided By Us

Below are some fascinating services which you may be interested in taking for wasp removal. We provide zero doubts regarding our brilliant services. 

Wasp Inspection And Removal:-

Inspecting is important to tackle the wasp problems. We have specialised controllers who can inspect the wasp and know the type and dangers from it. Accordingly, we can remove the infestation too. Hire our Wasp Inspection Services.

Restaurant Wasp Control:-

Imagine if a wasp stings your customer. It will badly impact your restaurant's reputation. To avoid all these risks hire our talented Wasp Exterminators. We have high-quality methods and techniques for wasp removal. Book us now for premium Restaurant Wasp Services.

Domestic Wasp Controllers:-

We provide assured Domestic Wasp Removal Services. We have a highly trained team of professionals. Our wasp removal team can check even the dark corners to free your house and garden completely from the risk of wasps. Hire our Wasp Removal Canberra team now!

Emergency Wasp Control:-

Hire our top class pest controllers for the perfect emergency wasp removal service. If you suddenly see a wasp on your premises just give us a call to get experts from our Wasp Control Canberra team. 

Pre-Purchase Wasp Inspection Services:-

Get your new property inspected before getting done with the agreements. We provide exclusive Pre-purchase Wasp Inspection for a better living. All the services are done by top officials in the Wasp Removal Canberra group.

Same Day Wasp Control Service:-

We don't have to keep you waiting for days after booking us. We have highly trained pest exterminators who work day and night to provide you with the best services in a day. We also provide same-day affordable local wasp nest removal in Hobart by experts.

Advantages Of Booking Us For Wasp Removal In Canberra

A customer obviously looks for benefits before hiring a pest control company. Well, you have numerous advantages in hiring us. Below are a few of them mentioned.

  • We have hardworking staff and professionals who offer the services 24/7.
  • We have been licensed and provide only genuine pesticides only.
  • Commitment is in our DNA and we do not leave before solving your wasp problem. 
  • Our response for emergency services for Wasp removal is famous among all. 
  • We have services that are economical and reasonable.


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