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Protect Yourself From Tick-Borne Diseases With Our Tick Treatment Services

Does your location have a previous history of tick-borne disease? Or are you going through an ongoing tick invasion on your property? Then it is time to start looking for a professional tick control agency within your locality. However, we may come to your aid. So, why don't we introduce ourselves to you?

We are the team of professional pest controllers of Marks Pest Control. And in our servicing team, we have experts for tick control. So, if you are tired of ticks at your home or want a long term solution for your tick-borne disease, choosing us will be the best for you.

Moreover, our services are not residential only, as we have experts for commercial purposes. So, why don't you hire our tick controllers in Australia to avail of the best tick control treatments from us?

What Are Ticks And Why They Are A Serious Problem?

Ticks are one type of parasite living mostly in the wilds and woody areas. However, they live on warm blood from animals. Therefore, they can infest public areas with human interactions. And as a result, they are drawn to human blood. To some extent, they are most likely to leach on your house pets too.

Now, blood is important to keep humans and any animals going. Therefore, if the body loses blood for a long time, you will end up with serious health issues. Apart from that, the ticks can leach on various types of animals. As a result, they become a positive carrier of several diseases. Once they bite humans, they spread the disease. Therefore, if not taken care of the ticks right away, it will create a nuisance in your life.

The Likely Signs Of A Tick Infestation In Your Yard

With a minute inspection, one can detect possible tick infestation right away. Ticks are tiny parasites feeding on warm blood from humans and animals. Therefore, you will find them in warm places or your body, such as the groin, hair, behind the knee joint, within the belly button, ears. You can also find them in your house pet’s fur. Ticks can run fast. Therefore, it is difficult to catch them. But one can follow their habitat to kill them. Once they get the ideal spot to reside, they will bite into the skin and stick there until they are fully fed.

Once they are done feeding, you can see some black or brownish-black spots there. One can experience slight fever, chills, body and headaches, fatigues, and rash on the bitten area. However, all of the symptoms are similar to other disease symptoms. Therefore, if your area has a previous history, it is better to consult a doctor.

Overview Of Tactics For Integrated Tick Control And Management

Tick control is something related to hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you need to keep your surrounding clean regularly to manage tick infestation. However, if you are clueless about the same, you can contact us at Marks Pest Control in Australia.

1. Free Consultation

Once you become suspicious regarding ticks in your area, you can contact us through the given regional service centre. We are available to hear and suggest to you the probable solutions, and you can choose the service accordingly.

2. Detailed Inspection

In case we don’t get a clear idea from your description, we send our expert tick controllers to inspect your area thoroughly.

3. Thorough Solution

Once we find the problematic area, we start by arranging the needed solutions and tools for the service. Once done, we recheck the entire process. If you have any doubts regarding the same, you can contact us right there.

4.  Tick Extermination

For commercial areas, tuck extermination is the best. We use a specialized insecticide effective on ticks. We suggest you keep the place close for a few days. After that, clean the area to remove the dead bodies.

5. Remediation

If you are looking for long term remedies for tick control, you can rely on us. We can offer some eco-friendly solutions to control them at your home.

6. Maintenance

If your area is prone to tick infestation, you can hire our tick controllers to keep your place tick-free.

How To Prevent Tick Bites

Ticks prefer to attach to human and animal skin. Therefore, make sure to keep your pet’s fur clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner on low to remove the ticks from their skin. But make sure to clean the vacuum cleaner properly after the process.

You have to clean and wash your clothes after coming back from outside. Wash them with a suitable cleaning solution to remove the ticks from your clothes. Detergents tend to dehydrate the ticks, resulting in killing them.

If you have a history with ticks, you can get a suitable tick control pesticide and mix it with an equivalent proportion and spray it on the surroundings. You can also use tick repellents on your skin to avoid skin irritation.

However, if the tick is already on your skin, grab the tick with your nail tips as close as your skin. Pull up the tick with steady pressure and squish the tick to kill. You can also use rubbing alcohol to dehydrate the tick.

Perks Of Choosing Our Tick Control Service

Marks Pest Control is one of the most reliable pest control service providers. We have branches in Australia and the surrounding suburbs. Therefore, you can avail of our services anywhere you want. So, contact us today to book your desired tick control service in Australia.

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