Problems Posed By Rodent And Tips To Prevent Them

Rodents are one of the dirtiest pests that come straight through the gutters and enters our homes through holes and openings. They are recognised to contaminate food, rent clothes and gnaw furniture as well. No house is safe from the rodent infestations and controlling them on own is not an easy task.

Even the solutions given on the internet are not easy to use. Most of the people get failed while trying removing rodents from their homes. Rodents are known for spreading diseases and infections plus their presence inside the home can spread dirty odors too. Hence, calling a Professional Pest Control in Sydney service at the right time left the only option to get rid of them. This blog also consists of infographics to give an insight into the problem caused due to rodents and how to prevent rodent problems by following some useful tips.

The Diseases Caused By Rodents

Rodent Problems & Prevention Tips - Part 1
Diseases Caused By Rodents

Time needed: 5 minutes

Rodent droppings can lead to diseases and spread foodborne malady such as salmonella and others are given below:

  1. Hantavirus:

    Reasons behind hantavirus are varied but if there is a rodent infestation inside the house they risk of hantavirus get increases. Rodent’s urine, droppings and dirty odours when get spread inside the air becomes the main reason that causes hantavirus.


    It is a rat-borne viral contagious infection caused by lymphocytic choriomeningitis infection. It cannot be posed by a common rodent that is living inside your house like hamsters. This infection has many symptoms divided into two phases the first phases include restlessness, depression, lack of dehydration, muscle pains, neuralgia and vomiting. Other common signs include aching throat, cold, joint agony, breast pain, testicular disorder, and salivary liver discomfort

  3. Plague:

    Plague is a disease that can kill people in various states. This disease can affect the health of animals too. Humans usually get affected by this disease whenever they get bitten by infected rodents and fleas. Plague bacteria are most frequently spread by the bite of an infected flea. If an infected rat expires, greedy fleas will look for other roots of blood - including people.

Tips To Prevent Rodent Infestations

Rodent Problems And Prevention Tips - Part 2
Rodent Prevention Tips
  • The best tip to remove rodents from your home is by eliminating all the sources of food and water from your house.
  • Place rat traps inside your house to catch rodents. Once you have caught a rodent inside the trap then you can either kill them on the spot or you can release them far away from your house.
  • Close all the openings, holes and dense of rodents but only after removing the rodent from it. 
  • Eliminate all the trash and debris from your house.
  • Keep your gardens clean and remove all the clutter presented there.
  • The best option to eliminate rodents completely is by hiring a professional Rodent Pest Control Services.

Whom To Trust?

Hire the professionals of Marks Pest Control We are a 20-year-old organisation working in this industry and have attained complete knowledge and expertise to control all types of pest infestation. We have a team of expert and certified technicians that know all the safe and accurate ways to eliminate all type of rodent infestation from your house. Our team uses advanced and eco-friendly solutions for rodent control. Avail our services by reaching us online.

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