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Moths are among the few pests in Canberra that are harmless. The moths may not attack you, but they still can cause great damage to your linens and clothes. They will eat your curtains, rugs, carpets, basically anything related to fabrics. Marks Pest Control is well-versed in performing moth pest control services in Canberra. We have a specialized moth control Canberra team who are readily available to assist you. 

Rest assured that your home will become a safe and clean environment again with our white cabbage moth treatments. We are mostly called in Canberra for quick cabbage moth removal, carpet moth extermination and pantry moths exterminations, etc. 

We also believe in giving mth control solutions to clients at a speedy rate. And, hence, you are free to book us for same-day emergency moth treatments too. So, if your place has a moth infestation, call us today! We are active 24 by 7 at 0482074889.

Moth Inspection Specialists In Canberra

Moths, their larvae and eggs are too tiny to be seen by a common individual. Our moth exterminators are skilled in conducting quick moth inspections in Canberra. Once inside- moths are too difficult to inspect and control. That is why we are here for a quick assessment & control. 

We have served plenty of Canberra homes and commercial spaces with quality moth inspections. Therefore, it may happen that your moth issue is the same as the one we just sort. To make the analysis and control part fast, we have invested in modern-day tools, baits and insecticides. 

So, if you are a Canberra’s resident who is searching for “codling moth control near me,” choose us now! We will customize the best domestic or commercial moth inspection and control service for you! 

Why Do You Require Our Professional Moth Control Service? 

You get to enjoy a lot of benefits on recruiting professionals for moth controls at your home or office. The importance and benefits of getting a professional moth control service are:

  • Your Family’s Safety & Health: Moths bring in a lot of viruses, diseases and bacterias. Along with this, they can severely affect your clothes and fabrics. Our professional moth control Canberra experts remove all signs of moths including their waste & nests. 
  • Proper Moth Identification: Often businesses and homes get troubled with moths which can be resolved by booking a professional pest control company. We have specialists for moth inspections and quick control plans. 
  • Save Money & Time: Why waste your valuable time dealing with moth issues, when you can appoint our experts for summer/winter moth control. We offer affordable & timely moth management in Canberra. 
  • Prevents Damage: Moths are great troublemakers. Hence, you require professional assistance for a complete moth removal from your place. 
  • Gives You A Peace Of Mind: Knowing that our experienced moth exterminators are treating your pace, you can have complete peace of mind. Select us for a moth control house & we will assure you of a sound and pest-free environment in no time. 

Services That Our Moth Control Canberra Team Have For You 

  • Residential Moth Control Service: Get the best services for eliminating white moths in gardens or homes in Canberra! Our company is the leading domestic moth control company in Canberra. We are not only affordable but also run safe and natural moth treatment services. 
  • Commercial Moth Control Service: Do you have moth issues in the office, cafe, restaurant or hotel? If yes, no need to worry anymore. By using silent moth control methods, we are readily available to assist you. Since we are flexible at work, you can book us at your preferred time. 
  • Pre-purchase Moth Inspection Service: Planning to make a fresh investment in any Canberra property? If yes, we can conduct a complete moth inspection for you. Our company provides affordable and detailed pre-purchase moth inspection throughout Canberra. Feel free to contact us before buying the property! 
  • Emergency Moth Control Service: If you are stuck with a moth elimination emergency anywhere in Canberra, we are readily available to guide you. Our company has been providing excellent emergency moth inspection and removals in Canberra for many years now. With remarkable service results, you can trust us fully for all your urgent moth control needs. 
  • Same day Moth Control Service: Just in case you're looking for pest control carpet moths, we can guide you with the same day service. Yes, our moth control specialists are known for quick assistance and same-day moth treatments across Canberra. Our service charges are low and the pest management staff is highly professional. So, without waiting any further, talk to us via call & get your moth problems sorted today!  

Signs Of Moth Infestations 

The prime thing that many people observe is the damage to clothing, carpets or fabrics. However, there can be several signs of moth nestings. Have a look at them below: 

  • Tiny maggots type larvae on items. (mainly caterpillar moths)
  • Silk cases or tubes act as a home for larvae. 
  • Silk cocoons (pupae) from which the larvae become moths.
  • Observing crawling of adult moths. Moths hardly fly. 
  • Holes in clothing, mainly woollen, silk and cashmere
  • Moth larvae and eggs on clothes.
  • Observing tube-like case trails on clothes mainly from larvae

Dead Moth Removal Service

Marks Pest Control is dedicated to giving dead moth removal services in Canberra. As dead moth removals are a bit messy, we suggest you call us for a swift clean. Furthermore, to give you a proper dead moth removal anywhere in Canberra, we have invested in unique baits and removal tools. Furthermore, we do perform a pest control spray treatment-post removal of moths. Hence, just give us a ring and our moth control Canberra team will show up with the best service! 

We Are Active In Canberra & Its Suburbs For All Form Of Moth Control Services

We know the best ways to tackle any moth issue in Canberra and its suburbs. Moreover, our moth controllers have knowledge of eradicating all moth issues from scratch. Some locations we are called for are- Gungahlin, Molonglo Valley, Belconnen and many more. We also provide same-day Pantry Moths Extermination in Hobart at a low cost.

Why Choose Us As Your Canberra Moth Control Expert? 

  • Years Of Excellence: All of our moth exterminators have many years of experience in doing pest treatments. Therefore, you can rely on us for any sort of moth pest issue you may have. 
  • Timely Service: We arrive on time & are professional, courteous. Moreover, we will let you know the exact reason for the moth problem. 
  • Advice For Moth Prevention: After the service is over, our experts provide a follow up including some prevention tips and special moth control advice. 
  • Safe Service: Our moth controls are completed in the safest way possible. Furthermore, we make use of organic and natural pesticides for desirable results. 


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