Important Update Over Quick Spreading Virus - Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a member of the virus family that has never been encountered. It has its origin from animals. In most of the cases, the people who have faced this disease were either working or have visited the shops that provide Huanan seafood in the centre of Chinese City. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus is a test of solidarity in terms of the financial, scientific and political aspects. All the citizens should work together to fight this virus so that it comes to an end. 


Coronavirus started at the end of December 2019 in the Wuhan city of China. It was then recognized as the novel coronavirus. This virus belongs to the category of the viruses that include common cold along with MERS and SARS viruses. The WHO reported that the most infected place in the current time is China. By observing the seriousness of the coronavirus WHO & CDC declared a public health emergency on January 30. 

Common Symptoms Of Coronavirus

The common symptoms that a person experiences if he/she is suffering from Coronavirus. These symptoms appear after 2 to 14 days of infection. The virus of corona may cause pneumonia too. The person who is affected by this disease suffers from a respiratory problem. Also, in severe cases, the patient can experience organ failure. Being a viral disease, there is no effect of antiviral drugs over the patient. The recovery of the patient is entirely dependent on the immune system of that person. The cases in which people have died were already in bad health condition. Some of the general symptoms of COVID-19 is:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness Of Bright
Common Symptoms Of Coronavirus

Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

Proper knowledge about Coronavirus is the best tool to protect oneself from this dangerous disease. The WHO and CDC give complete health advisory so that the audience should understand the risk behind this disease and should follow all the preventive measures to keep COVID-19 at bay. Some of the effective preventive measures are described below. 

At Home

The following precautions should be followed at home to be safe from novel coronavirus.

1. Remember to clean first and then disinfect later.  

Always firstly clean all the germs and dust from the surface, after that use chemicals to disinfect the space. 

2. Make Use of cleaners and disinfectants on commonly touched surfaces.

The places that you frequently use inside your room are tables, doorknobs, light switches, and toilets. Start cleaning these all places with disinfectants firstly. 

3. Wear gloves ad to ensure that there is good ventilation during cleaning time.

Always wear disposable gloves while cleaning the space and floors and make sure that you dispose of them in the right place. According to the CDC, ensure that glove does not get touched with your skin. 

4. Wash dirty laundry with the warm water

Do not shake the dirty clothes as it can increase the virus through air. Instead of that, use hot water to clean the dirty laundry and get them dried completely.

5. Clean your electronics

In the present time, the high touch surface is Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Keep these all electronic devices at clean places and clean them regularly. 

Children at School

The following are the checklists that should be followed to get the prevention from the coronavirus at school. It should be considered by the school management and as well as parents. 

1 .The student should stay at home if they are sick.

If the student gets sick, he or she should be allowed to take complete rest at home. The student should stay at home until he does not get appropriately recovered from any type of illness.

2. Cleaning and disinfection of the commonly touched properties

Some of the common objects that are frequently used should be cleaned so that infection does not get spread over each other. 

3. Monitor the number of absenteeism. 

The school administration should lookout after the number of students that are absent from a long duration. 

4. The practice of good prevention habit

Parents should also teach all the necessary preventive measures that are required for the safety against COVID-19. Proper cleaning of hand and contact with the sick person should be avoided, use of tissue paper while sneezing, use of mask, these all factors should be explained to the children. 

At Work

Proper guidelines should be followed at every company’s infrastructure so that employees get proper prevention against coronavirus. 

1. Encourage employees to stay at home when they are sick.

Employees who are suffering from any type of viral disease or respiratory problems should be allowed to stay at home so that the virus does not get spread over other employees. The sick leave policies of the company should be flexible so that the patient does not suffer much financial loss. The employee should be permitted to work from home. 

2. Routine Environmental Cleaning

Proper cleaning of the environment should be made to kill the pests and viruses that are present in that area. The frequently touched surface such as table desk, chairs, countertops, etc. should be cleaned with a cleaning agent so that bacteria or virus does not get spread.

How Are We Helping Our Customers Against Coronavirus?

How Are We Helping Our Customers Against Coronavirus?

As a responsible pest controller of Australia, we are committed to providing complete safety to citizens by closely monitoring the situation and providing an effective preventive treatment plan. We are updating all the important health advisory related to coronavirus by our website and direct communication. Proper training is being given to our technicians to deal with coronavirus effectively. The key point to get rid of coronavirus or to keep it at bay is the hygiene. Proper cleaning and prevention is the vaccine of Coronavirus. 

Marks's Pest Control understands and gives priority to the health safety of the citizens of Australia. By the arrival of coronavirus, there is no effect on our service level. We are still providing the best and reliable pest control services throughout Australia. Proper training is provided to our pest controllers so that they can easily deal with this virus. Our pest controllers follow complete health guidelines during and after the treatment. We are providing complete safety to our clients by cleaning their inside and outside premises, by sanitizing that place and also by providing the heat treatment. 

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