How Often Should You Get a Pest Inspection?

Your house is where you can finally hang your hat, at least temporarily. Termites use your house as a daily lunchtime gathering spot for their massive extended family. Since everything they might desire is already there, they don't even bring their meals. Yet it is not at your home; rather, it is your home. Termites are hungry, and they want to make food for your mansion. Everything in your house, from the plasterboard to the beams to the flooring to the decking, is a delicious snack for them.

Determining what species lurks inside is the best way to control bugs in your house. In this case, hiring a professional pest inspection service from Mark's Pest Control is recommended. So how often must you schedule a pest control service? It's not an easy question, but knowing the answer will give you peace of mind that your house is secure and clear of pests.

Residential Pest Inspection

Both the property's age and its location have a major impact on how often you should have pest inspections performed. Older homes may have a serious pest problem because they were constructed with less desirable materials or methods or simply have had more time for the infestation to get out of control.

Annual pest inspections are the very minimum; if our professionals find a substantial pest infestation, such as termites, they may suggest a follow-up investigation 3–5 weeks after the original visit, and subsequent follow-up examinations every 3-6 months. Advice on how to avoid the issue from occurring again, such as where to check for new pests and how to block up potential access sites, will always be provided. Professional help should be sought out if pests are a concern.

Even while moving out permanently eliminates the issue, it may still be required to do regular checks and control methods for pests including cockroaches, insects, rats, and mice.

Commercial Pest Control

Mainly if your firm deals with the public and food, commercial establishments have quite distinct pest inspection needs than private residences. Having to throw away perishable food supplies because of insect infestation is expensive and may also hurt your business's image. So, the best commercial pest control will not only help you understand the extent of the issue but will also suggest a plan for ongoing pest management. Expect weekly to quarterly inspections, with yearly inspections advised only in some instances, depending on the kind of the company and the potential pest concerns it may exposed to.

The yearly expense of a pest inspection for a company owner is far less than the potential loss of customers and inventory. If you own a house, getting pest inspections done once a year is far more feasible financially than getting them done every three to six months.

How Frequently You Should Do Pest Inspections Is Based On Many Variables


Certain pests only present a problem at certain times of the year, so having them exterminated every month is unnecessary. Instead, we suggest setting up a routine, such as an annual check-in, to ensure they never return.

Mandates from the Law

There are rules in place for the food service business that specifies the kind of program that must be in place to ensure the safety of the patrons.

We will establish a schedule of routine inspections to inspect your facility and perform pest treatment so that you can demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations. Because of the abundance of potential risks, warehouses need ongoing pest control measures. Although supplying food will undoubtedly raise interest, it also increases the chance of cables and containers being damaged in the warehouse.

Long-term financial savings and improved health and safety are only two of the many benefits of establishing a regular schedule of visits.

How You Live and Where You Live

Pests are less likely to invade a spotless space. Yet, insect infestations are more likely in untidy environments. Even after using pesticides, insects and rodents hide in the soil. Whenever the effectiveness of the pest treatments wears off, the bugs will return to your home from their hiding place. You can't rely on annual checks in this situation.

The Average Age Of Your Home and Other Structures

The truth is that the longer you use anything, the shorter its lifetime. Similarly, the same reasoning should be used in your real estate. Example: your home's walls and furnishings. Pest-repellent chemicals are included in the finishes of these products from the get-go. But, when your walls and furnishings age, the efficiency of such substances decreases. Insects and other pests would pounce on you when you're most vulnerable.

If you have a lot of antiques in your house, you should have frequent pest inspections. If you don't, you risk property damage occurring earlier than the standard twelve-month interval.

The Characteristics Of Your Real Estate

Ask about the ages of the residents and the make-up of the homes. Such factors are significant for your pest control tools. Termites are a major problem if you have many wooden furnishings. If so, you shouldn't worry about pests for over six months. But you can relax if you upgrade to more metal furniture and fixtures in your house. The number of organisms that prey on metals is relatively low. Yet, there are drawbacks to using metals. Because of their susceptibility to rust, they are not very durable.


Prevention is far preferable to treatment when it comes to pest control. Hence, a timely inspection may help preserve your property from harm while saving you the worry and money of a much worse issue.

Remember that the optimal approach to your pest control needs will depend on the specifics of your situation. Trust our expert services, where skilled experts use cutting-edge technology to locate and eliminate pests.

The investment in a yearly checkup, according to the experts, pays off handsomely. Failure to do so may result in costly repairs that outweigh the initial expense of eradication. And although individual termites are usually less than an inch in length, their numbers may do significant damage to a home. You may give Mark's Pest Control a call and set up an appointment right away.

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