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Safe, Effective & Reliable Bird Pest Control Every Time In Canberra 

While you may not consider birds as pests, they can create issues around your property, if left ignored. At Marks Pest Control, we are professionals at bird proofing and birds nest removal services. Moreover, our Bird Control Canberra team has in-depth knowledge about different bird species, where they nest, hide, breed as well as how to prevent them. Furthermore, our company is highly committed to offering humane bird pest control and removal services. We also offer safe bird dead pest removals. All of our services can be availed at a very nominal price. So, if you are searching for “safe bird control near me” in Canberra, do appoint us. We are reachable 24 by 7 at 0482074889

Importance Of Bird Pest Inspection & Eradication Solutions 

Birds can cause a lot of nuisance at your house or business. Some of the common risks of bird nestings include: 

  • Illnesses: Bird droppings carry around 50 ectoparasites and diseases that are transmittable to you. Furthermore, this is a major issue for food processing crops, cafes & even domestic areas. 
  • Property Damage: The mess left by birds can also harm your property in many ways. Nesting items can block pipes or even lead to fire issues near electric fittings. Bird pee can strip off wall paints too. 
  • Cleanup Costs: The cost of cleaning bird mess can also be very expensive. Feathers, droppings and other nest items can make it difficult to clean. 
  • Accidents Liability: Not just illness exposure, bird droppings also lead to falls and slips. This can be very problematic to homes with children and offices with employees.

That is why opting for a bird deterrent service is highly recommended. Our company runs safe bird and pigeon pest control services across Canberra. Reach out to us for a rapid service! 

Simple Bird Control Tips And Tricks 

Here is a list of simple tricks and tips to prevent birds in and around your property. 

  • Shiny Objects: Reflective and shiny objects act as bird barriers. You may use- CDs, aluminium cans, foils, mirrors & metallic paper wraps to avoid birds. 
  • Predators: Owls and cats are the predators of birds. You can place objects similar to owls and cats in order to keep birds away. This will be a nice bird proofing roof idea. 
  • Garden Balls: Using big balls act as bird deterrents for gardens. As birds consider hung balls as eyes and fly away. Additionally, this can be a decorative item for your garden.
  • Bird Spikes: Make fake spikes of birds and nail them around your property. Birds will feel uncomfortable seeing them and will not land in your place.
  • Repellent Sprays: Chilli peppers mixed with vinegar and water is a homemade repellent for birds. Spray in bird-affected areas and you will notice a bird-free property soon. 

Bird Control Canberra Services We Offer: Your Local Experts

  • Residential Bird Control: Get rid of bird nestings with us. Our company has been offering top class bird and pigeon control services in Canberra for many years now.  
  • Commercial Bird Control: Are birds dropping disturbing your workplace? Our bird control Canberra team can assist you. We run affordable commercial bird removals.
  • Pre-purchase Bird Inspection: In the vacant property, there exists a lot of chances for bird infestation and pigeon droppings. Hence, we are here with the best pigeon deterrent & inspections to help you purchase the best properties. 
  • Emergency Bird Control: Require emergency bird removal? Our bird and pigeon removal team can help. Furthermore, we invest in the best quality equipment & sprays for quick service.
  • Same Day Bird Control: For every bird control service- we provide assistance on the same day of booking. So, wait no more and recruit us for a same-day bird removal service today.  

Professional End Of Lease Bird Control In Canberra

If you are a tenant or owner who wants to get an end of lease bird control service, we can help. Since each rental property needs an end of lease bird management service, our company helps tenants & owners with affordable options. Moreover, we take short notice at the end of lease bird treatments too. Whether you need bird removal from the roof, pigeon proofing or bird proofing mesh, we got you covered. All of our end of lease bird nest removal costs are very economical. In fact, you can share your needs via call today & we will explain the process & other details. Call us now! 

Dead Bird Removal In Canberra 

If you just discovered birds or birds lying dead on your property, you must book our trained bird removalists. Our dead bird removal service is available throughout Canberra. As mentioned above, birds carry a lot of parasites, you must avoid approaching them.

Let our expert bird controllers remove the bird safely from your premises. Being a locally-based company, we reach your address with some time of waiting. We understand how rapid dead pest removal is for you. Furthermore, we use all safety measures like- gloves, masks and other personal protection kits while disposing of dead pigeons and birds off your place. 

Why Are We The Best For Bird Controls In Canberra?

Our company believes in preventive bird control. We aim to keep the birds away before they show up as a problem.

If needed, our bird removalists offer reactive bird control. Moreover, we can remove the birds you are currently seeing & then begin to give you regular bird inspections and removals. 

We focus on integrated bird management. Here are some of our bird control specialities: 

  • Safe Service: We focus on protecting your property & family and hence use natural and organic bird control sprays. 
  • Affordable: All of our bird control, treatment and inspections are given at a very economic rate. 
  • Courteous Staff: We send the most professional and friendly bird controllers to you. Hence, you can share your requirements freely & get the best results.
  • Updated Traps & Methods: We make use of advanced bird control methods and solutions to give long-term results. 
  • 24 Hours Service: Yes, we are open 24 by 7 for all bird control bookings in Canberra. 

Our Bird Control & Removals Are Active In Canberra and Its Suburbs

Our aim is to deliver a bird free and peaceful place to clients. Apart from Canberra, we also offer our effective bird removals in Belconnen, Gungahlin, Weston Creek and Majura, etc. Just ping us up, share your bird removal needs and we will set up a suitable service for you.  For bird control, we are available in the whole part of Brisbane and its nearby suburbs. We have been working in pest control service for so many years. You just need to call us and book an appointment and our experts will immediately come to your house. Our nearby locations include AdelaideBrisbaneHobartMelbourne, Perth and Sydney.


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