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Moths are seemingly harmless insects that won’t harm humans in a direct manner. But, they can cause havoc to stored food and cloth materials like fur, wool, and even leather. Moth Control Melbourne is quite hard to detect as the dark insides of cupboards, pantries and wardrobes are the places where they breed and grow. Moth infestation is destructive and a matter of concern as flour mills and bakeries suffer heavy losses every year due to them. Not anymore! Marks Pest Control is here to your rescue. 


Marks Pest Control is a leading moth control and removal expert in Melbourne. We deal with all harmful moths, whether they be at your home or workplaces.

    Moth Infestation and Dangers Associated With It

    • Moths can contaminate your food items with their feces. Serious illnesses may occur if you consume such food unknowingly.
    • Moths destroy clothes, blankets, and carpets. Further, when our skin comes in contact with such materials, this might trigger an allergic reaction
    • Identifying moths is a challenge as these pests may differ in size, shape, and even color.
    • This tiny creature with a very short lifetime of two weeks may cause enough damage as they spread rapidly and may leave no space untouched.
    • A major problem with moth infestation is that it gets late in its identification. This is because these tiny pests do their work very fast in remote areas in the house where we hardly sneak in only to discover when our favorite fabrics had been damaged.
    • During the caterpillar stage, the hairs may initiate asthma attacks.

    There are thousands of species of moths but only a small section affects our homes and industries. In homes, Moths usually fly and enter or they may be carried in through fabrics and fibers.

    Australian Moths Identification

    Identifying moths in Melbourne can be a challenge but a little know-how can be of great help in Moth Control Melbourne.

    Based on research, there are four types of moth infestation as below:

    • Moth larvae of adult moths with straw-colored wings without any markings create irregular holes in clothes.
    • Larvae of adult moths with dark colored wings with three spots create regular holes on clothes.
    • The adult moths which have brown colored wings with few spots produce larvae that feast upon woolen and leather materials.
    • Moth larvae belonging to adult moths with a white head and speckled wings are the ones that destroy food rather than fabrics.

    How to Recognize a Moth Infestation

    • Adult moths crawling around at home:- If you notice adult moths which crawl but don’t fly in your home, this can be a sign of a possible moth infestation.
    • Small moths in the pantry:-  Small moths generally fly around and stick around the area. If you detect them anywhere in your house, it is the time to call a professional moth control providing service in Melbourne.
    • Cocoons and white caterpillars may be present in dry food items: -Often unattended foodstuff that lay in some corners of the pantry may have cocoons and white caterpillars. If you find any of them, it is advisable to hire moth control services.
    • Silky looking tube-like structures which hold moth larvae:- These may also be found in the deep insides of the pantry or wardrobes.
    • Caterpillar moth with food:- Caterpillar silk often in the form of the web may be found entwined with small pieces of food.
    Moth Pest Control Services

    Moth Control and Removal Treatment in Melbourne

    Prevention is better than cure. Keeping in mind the consequences of a possible moth infestation, it is advisable to prevent the problem by nipping right at the bud.

    The best way to control moth infestation is by being alert. Get information about Moth control from Marks Pest Control Team. Thus, clean and clear the pantry once in a while, look into cupboards and wardrobes and check if all is well. Further, you should also use pest control pellets to keep the moths at bay.

    Industrial setups must have regular Moth Control Melbourne and checks to avoid moth infestation to avoid heavy losses.

    Once moths enter your home, they generally look for the dark unused corners where they lay eggs. Such areas are usually storage spaces where we leave our garments, fabrics, stock of food, and don’t bother to check for a long period of time.

    DIY Methods: Moth Control & Prevention Tips

    • During warm weather conditions be extra careful and keep an eye on the dark areas of kitchen and fabric storage areas.
    • Store cloth materials, blankets, carpets, woolen garments, and fur objects in sealed bags. Unclean and soiled cloth materials attract moths.
    • Use mothballs inside cupboards and wardrobes.
    • Rather than targeting adult moths, focus more on the larvae moths as they contaminate the food items.
    • Don’t keep food items over long periods of time and keep them in airtight containers.
    • Vacuum the whole pantry and cupboard with a nozzle to reach the crevices and the difficult corners.
    • Ensure there is enough passage of light and air as moths thrive in dark and moist areas.
    • Use screens on doors and windows to minimize the flying moths.

    Apart from the methods listed above, if the moth infestation is beyond control then it’s advisable to consider professional help from a moth control and removal expert in Melbourne. Marks Pest Control is a leading pest control expert in Melbourne. We also provide same-day Codling Moth Control Services in Canberra at a low cost. With years of experience and 100%, local moths control experts, we are known for eradicating and controlling moth infestation from your houses, workplaces, and industries. visit Here: -Importance Of Professional Pest Control Services?


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How quick can moth infest your house?

    In very short of time they can infest your whole house as their breeding process is continuous.

    Why moth are harmful to humans?

    Moth causes contamination to the food items and can also allergy if got contact with woolen clothes.

    What household items other than food are infested by moths?

    Woolen Clothes, upholstery furniture, carpets are the household items infested by moths.

    What common food items are infested by moths?

    Common food items infested by moths are grains, cereals, coffee, cocoa powder, and flour.

    How many moth species are found in Australia?

    There are around twenty-two thousand species of moths found in Australia.

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