15 Signs of Rodent, Mice and Rat Infestation

When the temperature falls the pests such as rodents, mice, or rats find the ways to enter your workplace or home in search of food or shelter. They can enter through open windows, cracks, pipes, doors, or vents. Find what signs of rodent infestation.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

A rodent infestation at your home may be very harmful and dangerous both in terms of the disease they spread and the cost of repairs. To save your premises the key is prevention. As early as you identify the problem the sooner and most effectively you can tackle out this problem.

In this article, we are going to discuss the early signs of rodents infestation.

1. Some Chew Marks:

If you find any kind of chew Mark's near your wardrobe, wood or any other material. Rodents such as rats or mice are on everything from wires to baseboards.

2. Rotting Odor of a Rodent:

If you experience any smell coming out of a dead rodent then it is advised to call an expert team who deals in removing these rodents. It is also advised that if you are doing it yourself then you must have worn those gloves. 

3. Musky Odor:

A rodent infestation is accomplished by a musky odor. This odor increases and becomes stronger as the infestation increases. In case, You're not able to hire professionals, check how to get rid of rats yourself.

4. Droppings of Rodents:

Rodent dropping is the most common and easily seen sign of infestation. There are different sizes of droppings of the rodents. The rats dropping lies between 3 by 4 and 1 by 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) long, which is brown. It is advised to always wear the mask and gloves to clean the droppings of Rodents.

5. Unusual behavior of a Pet:

If any rodent such as any dog or cat is scratching the surface of the walls. Then there might be the signs of a rodent.

6. Presence of holes:

Mice and rats will sometimes make holes in various things available in the premises such as any material or any walls for their entrance or way to crawl here and there.

7. Make Tracks: 

Tiny Rodents are other signs of infestation. Give attention to the corners where dust accumulates and the tracks would be identifiable.

top signs of rodent infestation

8. Causes Allergies and Infections:

People rarely identify the cause of Allergies. Presence of rodents may be one of the causes of the allergy or infection.

9. Grease marks:

The oils Rodents or other material can create grease Mark's on the surface when they run across. Rats have poor sight and mice often leave Mark's around the holes or tracks. 

10. Unusual noise:

If you hear any kind of unusual voice or sound of scratching, screaming or chewing then these are the signs of any rodent. Noise is often noticed inside the ceiling, near the walls or near corners.

11. Make Nests:

The rodents are expert in collecting the material and could easily make their nests. This material may be cardboard boxes, paper and some pieces of cloth or fabric. You can check out the ceilings, corners, cupboards, some places behind your refrigerator. If you notice these kinds of nests then these are the signs of rodents present in your home or work place.

12. Chewing Signs on Food Packaging:

If you notice any signs or Mark's on the food packages then also there might be presence of the rodents.

13. Complaints from the Owners and Former Tenants:

If possible, meet the previous tenant or owner to discuss the history of any rodents present previously inside the building or home. You can also ask the neighbors if they have noticed this kind of problem that might harm your property.

14. Rodents Near Your Yards:

Rodents are especially attracted to the piles of waste or organic waste in search of nesting or food. If these are available near your residential area then you might check for the signs and indication of rodents. If you find them, call a professional team to eradicate these rodents otherwise these will cause a serious problem and will enter your home.

15. Rodent Population Size: 

Certain signs indicate that the population of rodents has increased a lot. If you notice that rodents are seen more in nights than at the day time then the population of rodents has increased a lot. Then it is essential to seek professional help.

If you recognize any of these signs you may contact a professional team today! These rodents not only create a nuisance but can easily double very fast. They can easily chew the electric wires and dry walls which increases the signs of fire. The best thing to do in this case is to call the professional team as soon as possible so that they can save you from this problem. So what are you waiting for to call the Marks Pest Control Melbourne Team today!

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