How to Prepare For Flea And Tick Control Service

Nobody prefers the sight of fleas but if you have pets at home, flea problem is bound to arise. Being around other animals in the surroundings or getting them from the outside are the top two reasons that can make your pets catch fleas. While it might be difficult to get rid of them, it isn’t entirely impossible.  It's best to start to treat pets, homes, and yard to leave altogether. If you are choosing a Professional Pest Control in Canberra company to help you out, end of lease flea and tick fumigation is a good service to avail. There are certain steps that you need to take for the procedure to be completely successful. Lack of preparation, on the other hand, might leave chances of reinfestation.

Flea Control Service
Flea Control Service

Here are a Few Things That You Need to Do Before the Experts Arrive-

Before Service-

  1. While this isn’t a compulsory step but you must be prepared to leave your home for some time. Many chemicals are used during the treatment to kill the pests. Hence, you might have to leave your home for about 3-5 hours or as advised by the Flea Control Services operator.
  2. Pet bedding must be washed or thrown off.
  3. Your floors need special attention at this time. It’s best to vacuum all mop wood, tile floors and carpeting.
  4. All the furniture must be thoroughly cleaned or vacuumed, especially under the cushions.
  5. Vacuum cleaner bag must be disposed off in a trash container outside your house.
  6. All pets must be treated for fleas by an expert veterinarian. If you are willing to do it yourself, you must read all label instructions carefully. Use products that are safe and can be used on the species you intend to treat. This is an important step; otherwise, the chances of reinfestation are quite high.
  7. Fish tanks, if any must be covered with wet towels. It is also advisable to turn off all the pumps until the procedure is complete.
  8. Floor must be cleared off of all the toys and other items. Spaces such as closets and under the bed must also be cleared up.
  9. All bed linens must be washed with hot water.
  10. All caged pets such as hamsters, birds, and reptiles must also be taken out of the house during the procedure.
  11. Any food items must either be removed or covered properly.
  12. Follow the same steps if the yard is also to be treated.

After Service-

  • Enough time must be allowed for your home to be completely dry after the treatment. You must stay out of the house for about 3-5 hours depending upon the duration of the treatment.
  • Carpets and floors mustn’t be treated for at least two weeks for the treatment to work aptly.
  • Professionals have a tendency of switching off the air system while performing the procedure. This must be turned on as soon as you get back home.
Expert Flea Control
Expert Flea Control

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With all these tips in mind, you are now ready to avail end of lease tick and flea fumigation service like a pro. Simply contact a Home Pest Removal company such as Marks Pest Control to avail expert services in no time.

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