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Are pests troubling you inside your living places and searching for best pest controller in Sunshine Coast then you are at the right place. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast is the reliable and locally owned pest controller that eliminates all kinds of pests without harming your health and property. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast is a leader in providing pest control services in Sunshine Coast. We provide pest control services to all business owners and homeowners. Best and latest techniques are used for the eradication of the pesky pests.

With over 20 years of experience, Marks's Pest Control is the premier choice for pest control in Sunshine Coast. We provide safe and effective pest removal services. Our highly trained technicians reach your doorstep on the same day of booking to make your residential and commercial places free from pests. The services delivered from Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast are cost-effective. 

Sunshine Coast is located in southern Queensland, Australia, 100 km from Brisbane. We provide specialist pest control services for ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, millipedes, moths, ticks, rodents and other pests all around the Sunshine Coast. We serve in all suburbs of Sunshine Coast such as Mooloolaba, Buderim, Caloundra, Bli Bli, Peachester, Battery Hill, Maroochydore, Ridgewood. We make your home a better place 🐜❌

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    Say Good Bye to Unwanted Pests

    Our goal is to provide amazing pest treatment service across Sunshine Coast. We have been successfully treating Sunshine Coast Houses & Businesses for over 20 years if you want effective Pest Control in Sunshine Coast. Our entire job is guaranteed. We guarantee that your pest problem will be eradicated when we treat your home or business.

    Marks's Pest Control Serves all The Localities of Sunshine Coast

    Team of Marks's Pest Control is available at all the corners of Sunshine Coast. We reach your doorstep anywhere in Sunshine Coast without charging any extra money. Our expert technicians cover all the suburbs.

    We not only cover the metro cities, but the non-metro cities are also covered by us. We make a personal approach to eliminate all pests from your home and office places. Our pest control services are reliable and last for a long time.

    Is Professionals of Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast Works? 

    Yes, the professionals of Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast do their job with complete dedication and honesty. Our team members are skilled and have complete knowledge to deal with all kinds of pests.

    Getting rid of the pest present in your home is not an easy job. Even if you decide to do it your own, you will not be able to remove them completely as you are unaware of the places. The creepy creatures hide and rest at certain places that are not easy to identify, but regular training is delivered to our technicians to make them expert in their work. The technicians work in a different way then a normal person will do.

    • Presence of the right tool makes the professionals work easy.
    • Professionals have complete knowledge of all sorts of pests.
    • We make use of eco-safe chemicals for eliminating the pests.
    • After the regular interval, proper training is provided so that Marks's Pest Control team performs its best in controlling the pests.

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    Best Package for Specialized Pest Control Treatment Solutions

    Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast provides an eco-friendly number of pest control treatments that effectively remove the pests from your residential and commercial places. We design a unique treatment plan for controlling cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies, spiders and all other pests. Our expert technicians also control birds in the most professional manner. We understand the problem of having pests within the living area; thus, we provide instant and emergency pest control services to our clients. Our pest control costs start from $300 to $700 based on the services and the size of your property. So, don't let those nasty little creature rule your place anymore. Get in touch with us to get rid of those unwanted pests resting hassle-free on your property!

    Avail 15% Special Discounts on Our Pest Treatment Services

    We at Marks Pest Control have special deals and 15% discounts on our pest management and control services. The services we provide to our clients in residential, commercial and industrial areas are highly commendable, safe and affordable and are committed to providing the best value for money. In fact, to keep our customers happy, we offer a lot of discounts. The customers can also avail our festive deals and offer. So, wait no more, and grab our special deal of the day today.

    Book today for the best pest control in Sunshine Coast and enjoy 15% discount on the services now!

    GOT 🦂 🦗 🦟🐍 PEST PROBLEM IN YOUR PLACE? NO WORRY!! CONTACT MARKS PEST CONTROLLER YOU will get the absolute professional, best, thorough pest treatment in SUNSHINE COAST - GUARANTEED… Tell to pest we are on the way 🐛

    Pests at Bay With Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    The location also plays an essential role in the type of pest infestation that might occur in your living area. If you are living in the area where ants are found in vast amount, then you will need a ant inspection on a regular basis, and if you are living in German Roaches infected place, then you will require the cockroach treatment.

    Marks's Pest Control is present in all areas of Sunshine Coast. With the help of a unique design, we effectively control these pests at an affordable cost. You can make your appointment anytime. We are available all time and any time to help you out from the pests. All pests are eliminated by our pest controllers in the given time period.

    Sunshine Coast’s Pest Controller

    We are the #1 pest control service provider in Sunshine Coast. All residential and commercial pest control services are provided at a reasonable cost. We do not have any hidden charge. 

    Our highly skilled technician uses the best approach to eliminate the pests. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast has the team of experienced and skilled technicians. We are available at every corner of Sunshine Coast. Our specialist reaches your doorstep instantly after booking. 

    Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast obtains a personal approach to eliminate residential and commercial pests without harming the health of your kids and pets. We provide reliable and affordable pest control services.

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    How Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast protects Your Property Against Pests?

    Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast provides 100% satisfaction to its clients. We work deliberately to eliminate all the pesky pests that are causing harm to your property and health. Pests are small in size, but they create wider damage to your property. Pests by contaminating the eatable objects spread the health diseases among human beings.

    After seeing the pests inside your property, it is best to call the professional pest controller so that the situation does not get worse. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast is the best and reliable pest controller of Sunshine Coast that deals with all kinds of pests and makes your property safe from pests.

    1. Our pest controllers are experienced in controlling the pests.
    2. Use of specific pests control services removes all pests with complete satisfaction.
    3. The right tools help in the removal of the smallest pests in the most professional manner.
    4. For effective result, the team of Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast uses the latest techniques and products while providing minimal harm to nature and your health.
    5. Our pest controllers used eco friendly products while the treatment, It would be safe for pets and human as well.
    6. We're available on same day or within 24 hours after booking online or via phone call.


    Pest Control Services for The Business Owners

    If your business area is suffering from the pest problem, then Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast is the only name you can trust. We effectively remove all the pests either it is a cockroach, spider, rodent (mice and rat). Our simple motive is to make your commercial place safe for your health and other visitors too.

    We design a unique treatment plan as per the design of the building. Presence of pests at the business places cause loss to your reputation as well. No customer will put his/her health on risk if they see the pests inside your place. It might be the case that you will suffer from a loss in your business.

    Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast understand this problem and provides effective pest removal services for your business place.

    Services Offered By Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast is an expert in dealing with all types of pests. Our knowledge and skills set us apart from other companies that provides pest control services. If you are suffering from any kind of pests problem, then contact us. We will reach your doorstep on the same day of the booking. Have a look at some of the service:

    • Mosquito pest control
    • Wasp pest control, Wasp nest removals
    • Woodworm treatments
    •  Fly pest control
    • Cockroach removal
    • Spider removal, Moth control
    • Domestic pest control
    • Restaurant pest control
    • Tick extermination, Moth pest control
    • Bee pest control
    • Rodent control
    • Flea control
    • Silverfish control
    • Pre-purchase pest inspection
    • Emergency pest control services Sunshine Coast
    • Same day pest control

    The procedure of Pest Control followed by Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast.

    Controlling pests is not an easy task. Proper knowledge and planning is required to control the pests so that it does not appear soon. Marks's Pest Control follow some of the steps for the effective pest control solution.

    Inspection of Pest: Before providing the pest treatment, our team thoroughly inspect the whole inspected area. We go to the root cause behind the infestation of the pest.

    Treatment & Extermination: As per the result of the inspection, the team of Marks's Pest Control provides the best-suited treatment plan to control the pests. Our expert professionals know the habit and habitat of all pests, so they begin their pest treatment from the very beginning stage. As per the requirement, we make use of chemical that are safe for kids, pets and the environment. There is no side effect of our treatment process.

    Post Inspection: After the completion of treatment, our work does not get stopped. We revisit the place to get the surety that pests are gone completely. We satisfy our customer. Our team members provide the best tips fro the prevention of pests in the future.

    Marks Pest Exterminator Sunshine Coast- Tell to Pest We are on the way

    Marks's Pest Control offers a variety of pest control services. The services offered by us 100% safe for your pets and kids. Some of the services that we provide are discussed below.

    🦂 Crawling Pests

    Seeing the crawling pests inside your living premises? Don’t worry the best solution is near to you, call Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast to be free from crawling pests. Some of the crawling pests are:

    Bed Bugs - You will generally find these bed bugs inside the dirty beds. They love to feed on the blood of humans and make their habitat inside cupboards, mattresses and carpets. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast uses the latest techniques for the effective removal of these bed bugs.

    Cockroaches – One of the most hated pests are cockroaches. These are also one of the most dangerous pests that carry harmful pathogens that causes disease too. They put their contamination in the eatable products as well as on the surface on which they crawl.

    Ants – Controlling ants is not easy, as they are small in size but hard to get eradicated. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast control all types of ants with the right tools and products.

    Fleas and Ticks – Sometimes fleas and ticks come inside your house via your favourite pets. If you have pets inside your house, then make sure that they are also safe from pests.

    Spiders – Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast provides the desired treatment plan against spiders. Nobody loves to look to have a sight of spiders.

    ScorpionScorpion makes their habitat in warm places of gardens like under logs and shallow burrows in earth banks. We effectively remove these dangerous pests from your living area.

    🦗 Flying Insects

    The risk of flying pests are higher than crawling insects because of their movability feature. Our professional gives you freedom from these pests with their skill and knowledge:

    Flies - Flies are unhygienic pests that carry the disease-causing pathogens along with them. Our technicians make your residential and commercial place free from flies.

    Mosquitoes – The synonym of mosquitoes are considered as Dengue and Malaria. The bite of mosquitoes causes skin rashes too. It is important to control them, and our expert technicians eliminate them with full efforts.

    Bees – Bees give sting when they get aggressive or get disturbed. The sting of bees are painful, and sometimes it causes skin rashes too.

    Wasp – Wasp are dangerous pests, but Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast uses the right techniques to control them from your home.

    Moth – Moth causes several damages including damage in the carpets, clothes and covers of furniture. We design the best treatment plan for controlling the moths.

    🐀 Rodents

    Rats – It is important to control rats as they cause serious damage to your property and health. We control them while maintaining the health and hygiene of your family members.

    Mice – MIce are very active. They reach to the food anywhere you have stored them. Call us today if you see the mice inside your house because they cause lots of damage to your property.

    Numerous Pest Removal Treatments

    Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast offers numerous pest removal techniques that are effective in controlling the pests from agricultural land, residential place, commercial sector, manufacturing department, ship and cargo etc. The process are discussed below:

    Heat Treatment

    Heat kills ALL life stages of the pests – from eggs to adults. Pest Heat Treatments are chemical-free. It has been proven that pests have the ability to build up resistance to chemicals/pesticides. Heat Treatment can be completed in 24 hours, and re-occupancy is immediate in most cases. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast does not use any toxic chemicals in this process.


    Fumigation is a method in which the whole area or property is covered by gaseous pesticides so that the pests that are present over that area get suffocated and as a result get died. It is generally used to get rid of mites, weevils, and moths. Hire Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast, the experts of fumigation to keep your property free from contamination.

    Pest Disinfection

    It is the process of destroying pests and insects from the bodies, objects, at the surface. Pest disinfection is the process of eradicating pests that can spread infectious diseases and cause allergic reactions that are toxic for your health. Pest disinfection provides a safe and healthy environment for survival.

    marks pest control services

    Keep your family safe with Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    We offer almost all kinds of pest control services for the people of Sunshine Coast. Following are the pest control services offered by us

    rodent control

    • Spider Treatment Sunshine Coast

      There are 35,000 known species of spiders in the world—the presence of spider inside your residential and commercial place creates lots of tension in mind. Also, the presence of spiders inside your house put the question on the hygiene level. Hire Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast to be free from spiders and have peace of mind. Our controllers inspect all the corners of your house and provide the required treatment as per the situation. Our expert professionals eliminate these spiders in a single day and provide some effective tips to prevent the infestation of spiders in future time.

    flea control

    • Cockroach Treatment Sunshine Coast

      Cockroaches are often found in dark and damp places, and they can feed on anything. Because of the dirty of the habits of the cockroaches, they are hated by human beings. Cockroaches are well known for the carrier of pathogens and germs. They are considered as serious matter of concern. Our professional uses the eco-friendly and pet and kids friendly products for controlling the cockroaches. We make use of baits, gels and other treatments for the effective cockroach control services. We identify the root cause behind the infestation of the cockroaches. We eliminate all the habitat of cockroaches and deals with all kinds of cockroaches.

    bedbug control

    • Bees Treatment Sunshine Coast

      Bees are very harmful if you try to remove them from their habitat. They provoke aggressively. Bees create their hives inside the tree or at some hidden places for the safety purpose. Hire Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast that removes the bees effectively and professionally. We carefully remove the hives of the bees without any environmental damage. The best and safe chemicals are used to eliminate the bees so that it does not come back again. Call us today to experience our effective and quick bees control service.

    • Rodent Treatment Sunshine Coast

      Rats and mice are responsible for creating and spreading fatal disease; also, they create vast damage to your property. They are considered to be quickly adaptable to a new environment. The most common rats are brown rats and black rats that easily infest your property. Our expert's lookout behind the actual cause of the issue and identify the species of rat and then perform the desired treatment. We provide same-day treatment against your rodent problem. With new techniques and tools, we eliminate these rats with 100% guarantee.

    spider control

    • Flea Treatment Sunshine Coast

      If you are a pet lover or there are pets inside your house, then there is a risk that flea may enter your place. The flea that are related to dogs or cats are harmful to humans too. These fleas bite humans too. Fleas survive on the blood of the animals on which they make their habitat. Our bug controller group give full insect review and treatment administration at a most sensible expense. We can without much of a stretch check the nearness of bugs in your home and give total security from insects. We eradicate flea from your home by utilizing the safe products. Book us today to get rid of the insect and get pests free pets and home. Our pest controllers are available for you at a reasonable cost.

    cockroach control

    • Bed Bugs Treatment Sunshine Coast

      Bed bugs can invade and hide under old and dirty beds and mattresses. They will cause serious sting, which are painful and excruciating. Bed bugs stings involve genuine concern that can sometimes result in the form of swelling. It is important to control bed bugs as they have a risk of returning. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast is a local bed bug controller that provides effective treatment to control them. We can treat your furnishings, bed or any sleeping cushion for bed bug control. Safe and chemical-free products are used by our professional pest controllers to eliminate bed bugs.

    bee control

    Common Symptoms of Pest Infestation

    Every year many people spend billions of dollars in controlling the pests. The home or business owners don’t realize the pest problem until it becomes too late, and the pest has done their job. If the early signs of pest infestation are considered in the very beginning, then controlling pests and damage caused by them are less. If you are not sure about some of the general symptoms, then have a look at these points that provide you idea that when you have to take action against the pests.

    Build Up of Dirt and Grime

    If your living premises have a pest infestation, then you will notice the build of dirt and grime on your walls. You will see the hair and other massey of pests and your house will appear dirty than usual.

    The Droppings of Pests

    It is one of the most common symptoms that you notice if pests are chilling out at your place. Pests leave behind them droopings that you will see in your basements, area behind the water heater and all crawling places. Different pests have different droppings like rat and mice creates droppings in the shape of conical or spindle, and small insects or pests creates very small droppings that are not easily identified.

    Strange Smell

    If you have a pest infestation, then it is most possible that you will experience some strange smell that smells bad. If the level of infestation is high, then you will notice the extreme level of bad smell. Also if pests get died inside your living area, then you will notice an unpleasant smell.

    Damage to Fabric

    If you start seeing the damages inside your fabric materials, then get alert that pests are living with you. Your fabric item might have small holes, scratch marks, stains that are outcomes of pests infestation.

    Commercial Pest Eradication

    Are pests are troubling you at your office or commercial place? Now no more. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast deals with all types of pests that are found at commercial places. Best and professional commercial pest eradication services are offered in Sunshine Coast by Marks's Pest Control Team. Our pest management team deals with the following places. Offices Bars, kitchens, Hospitals schools, Shops, restaurants And all other commercial sectors that are not even mentioned over here.

    End of Lease Pest Control Services

    After completion of the rental year or duration, the tenant starts searching for the best pest control service provider. Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast provides an expert level of the end of lease pest control services in Sunshine Coast. Complete inspection of the place and property is made to check out the existence of the pests if any. Hire the best end of lease provider in Sunshine Coast by hiring Marks's Pest Control team.

    Areas Under Our Service Belt

    Sunshine Coast is Victoria’s capital and the second-largest city in Australia. Focused around a central city, Greater Sunshine Coast’s 9900 km2 of suburbs spread over 40 km south, 30 km east, 20 km north and spread over vast, flat basalt plains westward.

    Some of the additional areas and suburbs that we cover are as follows:

    commercial pest control

    Why Choose Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast?

    • The team member of Marks's Pest Control are certified and full skill to control pests.
    • Our pest control services are available all time, i.e. 24X7.
    • We are in this industry from past 20 years.
    • The services cost of Marks Pest Control is affordable and budget-friendly. 1000 of satisfied customers are there in Sunshine Coast.
    • We do not have any hidden charge. All the services delivered from our end is reliable and safe for kids and pets.
    • We make use of advanced techniques and tools for the better outcome.
    • The pest control treatment done by our technicians are long-lasting.

    Sunshine Coast’s Pest Control PACKAGES

    Everyday low price

    Domestic Pest Control

    residential pest control
    If pests are there inside your home, then it creates lots of trouble for homeowners. Their presence also affects the daily routine work. Also, there is a risk of health if pests are living with you. So to be free from pests and to enjoy pest-free life call today the professional Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast.

    Business Pest Control

    commercial pest control
    Pests can put your business at risk and also low down the reputation of your business. Call us today to secure your business against pests and enjoy the same reputation in the market. We provide pest control services at all retail stores, restaurants, bars, pubs, healthcare sectors and much more.

    Universal Pest Control

    all pest control
    In the universal pest control treatment plan we cover all the residential and commercial places together. If you are having pest infestation at your business and home as well then contact Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast to get rid of them instantly.

    *Minimum call out fee will be applied. For more information about pest control price , packages and services, go through our terms & conditions.

    Pests Infestations are Stressful! But Getting Rid Of Them Shouldn’t Be

    Infestation od pests is the common that everyone face at least once in a life anywhere and anytime. Presence of pests is quite irritating and disgusting but don’t worry now you have the best solution, opt Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast and gt free from pest stress. Either pests are causing damage to your infrastructure or your health, don’t worry, we are here to solve your pest related problem. We are professional pest controllers of Sunshine Coast that works for 24 hours and every day even on holidays and weekends to solve your pest problem.

    Pest Prevention Tips

    • Make sure that there is no seals and crakes inside your home.
    • Do not keep the dirty dishes in the sink for overnight.
    • If you have plants then do the regular trimming of that plants. 
    • Keep all the food items in a closed container.
    • Try to take the food at the limited places and clean that place after eating.
    • Remove the leftover debris on the regular basis.
    • Make use of closed lid for putting the garbage.
    • Inspect your property after some time period to get ensured that no pests are living with you.
    • Clean the top of the kitchen platform after use.
    • If you have pets with you then clean the bowl of the pets clean after every use.
    • Properly clean the corners and basement places as pests uses these places for making their habitat.
    • Clean out the standing water if there is any. 
    • Do not store the unnecessary items inside your living premises.

    Outstanding  Marks Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    • The team members of Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast are fully certified to control all kinds of pests. 
    • We are expert in controlling all types of pests either it is crawling pests or flying pests. 
    • We do not have any hidden charge.
    • The services delivered by the team of Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast are long-lasting and effective.
    • With 20 years of experience, we have become expert in controlling any kind of pests. 
    • There are more than 1000 satisfied customers.
    • We make use of latest techniques and products to eliminate these pests.
    • Our Pest control treatments are designed uniquely as per the type of fracture.

    Need to Exterminate Pests in Sunshine Coast? Call Marks Pest Control @1300 335 753.

    Marks's Pest Control Sunshine Coast is the reliable and local pest controllers that work deliberately to make the Sunshine Coast pest free. We provide safe pest zone for the healthy environment. The same day pest control services are delivered by our pest controllers. We are present all over the Sunshine Coast. We provide detail report after the completion of our pest treatment. The property that are treated by us remains pest-free for a long time. While performing pest control treatment, we maintain the standard of safety and hygiene. Discuss with us the type of pest problem that is disturbing you, and we will provide you with the best-suited plan for that. Contact us at @1300 335 753 or fill out our online inquiry form to get detailed knowledge about our services.



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