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Protect Your Pets and Family From Flea Infestation

Once your pets bring fleas into your house, it is tough to get rid of them. Your pet can get fleas from the outside or from being around other pets that have fleas in your home. Flea infestations require specific treatment plans. If you only approach a pet’s infestation or individual flea bites, you will not get rid of flea infestation completely. Effectual flea control should involve both chemical and natural pest control processes. Our expert pest control company will provide you with everything you require to eradicate your flea issue.

The scientific name of the flea is Siphonaptera. Their bites can generate pets and humans severe pain, and even increased infection if not kept in check due to their parasitic feeding system. Did You Know Fleas only have an average lifespan of 30-90 days? But they grow fast enough in wet, sweaty conditions that populations can skyrocket in that period. Our qualified exterminator can fix your flea problem in a small period. You make the call, and one of our trained specialists will be there with pest control solutions. We always available for your help related to pest problems and emergency service.


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    Risk of a Flea Infestation for Pets & Human in Perth

    Pets are lovely companions for humans and it is important that they must be cared for in the best way. It’s a big responsibility when we have pets because it’s only us they are dependent upon to ensure they are healthy and happy.

    Pets can not always remain indoors and just like humans, they need to go outdoors and socialize. They may pick fleas from neighbor’s pet or may be, from a stray animal. However, fleas infestation happens very easily and therefore regular checks are necessary to ensure that your pet is not suffering from any such infestation.

    Surprising Problems Caused by Fleas

    Anemia and low iron levels

    If fleas are residing inside your home, then it is most likely that you will suffer from the problem of anemia and low iron levels. Because fleas consume blood 15 times of their body weight, you can quickly notice if numbers of fleas cover small pets, then the blood level of that pet gets down because of fleas such most of the blood of their body. The common symptoms are lack of energy and pale gums.


    It happens when your cat or dog eats the larvae of adult fleas—the outcome results in the form of tapeworms.


    If you live with pets, then your pets can suffer from various allergies that are caused by the presence of flea saliva.

    Cat scratch fever

    This infection occurs in the cat, and then they pass it to human beings by their scratch. This infection causes server fever.

    Scratch and Itch

    The presence of fleas causes scratch and itchiness. You can observe changes in the behavior of pets if fleas irritate them.

    Murine Typhus

    It is another disease which may affect humans. Its symptoms include nausea, headache, and fever. Humans may also get infected with serious diseases. Further, flease infest rats and therefore can become a major carrier of bubonic plague virus.

    Before your flea control removal treatment:

      • Remove all items from floors and closets and under beds.
      • Vacuum all carpets and upholstered furniture thoroughly.
      • Discard pet bedding.
      • Clean all non-carpeted floors by mopping.

    For continued flea control in Perth:

      • Vacuum daily to pick up adults, eggs, and larvae.
      • Insert an anti-flea device into the vacuum bag that prevents fleas from developing within the machine.
      • Discard vacuum bag when done.
      • Replace pet bedding.

    How much does Flea Control Cost in 2020?

    The cost that are charged by professional flea controllers lies in between $95 to $300. It is an approximate cost. The cost of flea control depends on the type of flea and its duration.

    Common Types of Fleas in your House

    Cat Flea

    • Cat Flea as the name suggests lives within cats fur and feed on its blood.
    • 3mm long wingless thick that is flattened from the sides. They have long thin legs which help them in jumping
    • Mostly inhabit the places where cats usually rest like their baskets or boxes.

    Dog Flea

    • Adults dog flea inhabits in dogs fur and survives on its blood. There can often bite humans as well
    • Adult dog fleas appear brown in colour and can become reddish black after a meal.
    • They can vary from 1 mm to 4 mm. Dog flea larvae are off white in colour and can measure up to 5mm.

    Human Flea

    • The human flea can be transmitted by other mammals and even birds, although it prefers humans.
    • Human flea uncommonly found in Canberra, it has been known to transmit diseases such as Typhus or other parasites like tapeworms.

    Bird Flea

    • Bird flea cause irritatiob to birds & sucking blood.
    • They have eyes & antenna, brownish in color. They espacialy dangerous for young birds, also for humans and other mammals.
    harmful effect of flea

    Top 6 Home Remedies that You can Try to Get Rid Of Fleas

    If you are a pet lover and seeing then in trouble, it causes constant strain in your mind. So to get relax to a certain extent, you can follow some of the remedies.

    Dish Soap

    You can create a solution of dish soap and warm water that acts as a trap for fleas. Place the solution in the corner of your room where you see most of the activity of the flea—the high viscosity of the solution act as a glue for controlling fleas.

    Herbal flea spray

    The herbal flea spray gets created by the combination of vinegar, water, lemon juice in a large spray bottle. Apply the solution to the areas where you see fleas.

    Baking soda

    The best way to get rid of fleas is the process of vacuuming. You can clear out all the fiber material from the furniture and carpet section. Also, adding baking soda gives effective results. Lay down the baking soda on the furniture and carpets and rub it with the help of the hard brush.


    Salt is a home remedy to get rid of fleas. It acts as a dehydration agent to eradicates the fleas. Take some finely ground salt and sprinkle it over the places that are seen with fleas. Leave it for 2 days then vacuum it properly.

    Lemon spray

    Prepare the citrus solution by mixing water and lemon and bring the solution at the boiling level. Let the solution sit for overnight then pour it into a spray bottle. The next day applies the solution to the infested places.

    Flea repelling plants

    Certain natural plants have a specific oil that generates undesired smell for pests. You can grow some of these plants that act as a natural repellent for fleas.

      • Penny Royal
      • Chrysanthemums
      • Lavender
      • Spearmint

    type of flea-flea control perth

    flea control perth

    Exceptional Flea Removal Service Perth

    Fleas may come from anywhere; even from your garden. They search for warm-blooded animals to feast upon. The most common fleas are Dog Fleas and Cat fleas. While the Cat Fleas may infect both cats, dogs and some other animals the Dog Fleas will look for dogs and rabbits but hardly ever on cats.

    • Most important sign of a flea infestation is when you notice that your pet is scratching its body way too much. Immediately check the fur and look for reddened skin or loss of hair. Dogs are usually targeted at their hind portion of the body while cats are targeted around the neck and head.
    • Check for flea droppings, which may be red or black, within the furs.
    • Look for larvae, pupae and eggs in your garden, yard and all the places your pet loves to roam around in your home.
    • Look for flea droppings on carpets and sitting areas. If you find small dirt like things, collect those with a wet tissue and observe if there are rings of blood.

    After being convinced of a flea infestation, don’t waste time. Get into combating the problem immediately. Removing a flea infestation won’t be an easy job. It becomes challenging as the adult fleas are very small in size and can survive without eating for days. Flea infestation doesn’t remain restricted only to the adult fleas but the whole army of larvae, eggs, and cocoons. So, a thorough elimination plan has to be executed to ensure you are rid totally of the menace. Contact Marks Flea eradication treatment for affordable & best service.

    Flea Prevention & Control Tips Perth

    It’s always a better idea to prevent rather than cure a difficult condition. To ensure that you don’t get flea infestations, ensure that you check the fur of your pet properly. Below are few ways for Flea Control Perth:

    • Vacuuming of rooms, carpets, cracks, crevices, and furniture with upholstery is the first action you need to take.
    • Kills fleas and bugs alike by creating a temperature of 50-degree centigrade or above in places where they breed. Clean your pet’s fur with a comb and consult a veterinary.
    • While disposing of the vacuum packet, ensure you do it outside and away from your home. It’s best to incinerate it without opening.
    • Keep fur of your pets clean, well groomed and trimmed.
    • Some natural remedies are useful as well. You can mix some apple cider vinegar with water and spray on the flea infested fur of your pet which will make the pests jump off.
    • A very effective non-chemical treatment is Diatomaceous Earth or DE which is harmless. DE kills fleas effectively by dehydrating their bodies and destroying.

    If all the above methods fail, hire professionals  to get rid of flea infestation. Marks Pest Control is a leading flea control expert in Perth. Further, our licensed and expert pest technicians help in quick pest control and removal through environment-friendly methods.

    Get in touch with us to know more about Flea Control Perth.

    tips to prevent flea infestation

    Specialty of Marks Flea Control Perth?

    Kids and Pets Friendly

    The flea control services delivered by our expert technicians are safe for your kids and pets. Marks Pest Flea Control Perth makes use of eco-friendly chemicals to terminate flea.

    Online Booking and Free Quote

    If you are suffering from flea control problems, then no need to go here, and there, you can easily book us online. We provide a free quote for your pest control problems.

    No Hidden Cost

    Marks Flea Control Perth doesn’t charge any hidden cost for the flea eradication process. We complete our task within the described and quoted amount.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Marks Flea Control Perth satisfies its clients through excellent work performance. We eradicate fleas with a fully professional approach and uses the best-desired treatment process to control fleas.

    Signs of Flea Infestation 

    • Excessive itching and scratching from both humans and pets in your home.
    • Flea dirt is also common sign of flea infestation; flea dirt looks like minute coffee grounds.
    • You may actually be able to see the fleas on pets, so keep an eye out!

    Flea bites look like brown or red small bark which is less swelling compared to other insect bites, If you identify the flea bite you can call professional assistance to get rid of fleas. Marks Pest Control Perth will provide you with complete treatment and removal of fleas from your pets and homes. We have a vast knowledge of different types of flea species and deliver respective flea control accordingly.

    Understanding the Flea Life Cycle

    Flea Eggs

    The beginning of the flea life cycle takes place through eggs. The female flea following with the host’s blood lays eggs. Blood is necessary for the reproduction of fleas. The eggs of flea are slightly smaller in size and white coloured. A female adult flea lays near about 40 eggs in a day.

    Flea Larvae

    The larvae are blind and will not come be in the sunlight. Flew grow over several weeks, consuming pre-digested blood that passes by adult fleas, along with other environmental organic debris.

    Flea Pupa

    The flea life cycle pupae stage accounts for about 10 percent. This stage of cocooning is the last stage of development before the adult flea emerges. Pupae get protected from cocoon for number of days before these child flea emerges as adult flea.

    Adult Fleas

    When flea get out from the cocoon he starts feeding on a host within a few hours. Shortly after the first meal, adult fleas breed within a few days and begin laying eggs. Female fleas can not lay eggs until they obtain a meal in the blood.

    In need of flea control treatment for your residential and commercial place?

    Marks Flea Control Perth provides you the solution from fleas from your residential and commercial places. We have advanced techniques and tools to control them. Don’t allow the mixing of food and other materials with the pests. Marks Flea Control Perth uses eco-friendly chemicals to treat fleas. We are reliable flea controllers of Perth. If your pets are suffering from the fleas problem, then contact us today to get rid of them in the most desired way.

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    • Our services are hassle-free and safe for your pets and kids.
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    End of lease Flea Treatments

    Marks Flea Control Perth offer you effective service for vacate bond flea treatment. Our controller know the habits of fleas, know where and when they are likely to be present & know which treatment to perform for complete eradication of flea. Marks Exterminator fully experienced to perform end of lease pest treatment Perth. So, contact us & get best service for vacate bond flea treatment. We also provide same-day Flea Control in Sydney at a low cost.

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