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If you’ve detected even just one roach, you can imagine there’s several more – maybe hundreds – hiding under your pantry units, washing machine or dishwasher, or in holes, cracks, and hollow walls. They drag their stomachs in the most polluted parts of a home and feed on dirt; their bodies can become carriers for the disease, and are notorious for increasing salmonella bacteria as they run around your pantry surfaces or creep inside your cabinets. Not only are roaches a health danger, if you’re operating a restaurant or hotel, but the sight of cockroaches can also critically damage your reputation with clients. Even though cockroach infestations are further down to bad luck rather than being infected, if people see cockroaches, they’ll think you’re not taking care of your health and cleanliness. Book Marks Cockroach Control Adelaide team for reliable and effective roaches infestation treatment.

Clear-cut Signs of Cockroach Infestation in Your House:

Seeing even one Cockroach, either an adult or a baby, means there are several more. Don’t feel comfortable just because you’ve only seen one and hit it. There will be numerous to grow!

Seeing a dead cockroach also indicates that an infestation threatens you. If you don’t have one yet, quickly, there will be many more.

Seeing fecal material from cockroaches is also a clear-cut sign.

Eggshells from the baby cockroaches in your house mean an infestation as well.


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Why Cockroaches Live With You?

Our home provides favorable conditions for the survival of the cockroaches. The requirement of cockroaches are simple. They need food, shelter, moisture, and warmth for survival. We fulfill all these essential requirements of cockroaches.

Cockroaches feed on our leftover foods, dirty dishes available in the sink. Also, the crumbs attract the cockroaches in your home.

The dirty house also attracts cockroaches inside your house. The moisture present inside your home premises invites cockroaches.

You will found the cockroaches mostly in summers. They are most active in warm weather.

If your living area has crakes, crevices, and gaps, then the chances of the habitat of cockroaches become high as these places are used by the cockroaches to hide.

Things you Need to Do Before and During The Cockroach Control

There are various things to do when the professional arrives at your place to provide you with the Cockroach Control services. Some of the things you need to do are as follows:

  • The professional apply sprays or chemicals in every corner of the house, So it is important to remove the things from the corner for effective cleaning.
  • In case, if you had any kind of allergy; you and your family member need to wear masks and gloves, during the pest control. So as to avoid yourself from coming in contact with the chemicals.
  • Remove the heavy objects from floors to avoid the damage to them during pest control.
  • Close the doors and windows, so that cockroaches cannot escape and can be removed completely.
  • Remove the rugs and other floor mats , and put them under sunlight. There are many types of cockroaches which are found beneath the rugs.

Prevention Required Against Cockroaches:

Keep your kitchen and other places clean.

Store all the eatable materials in a packed jar or tight container.

Consume food and water at limited places.

Repair all the faulty gaps and crakes that are visible.

Clean out garbage regularly.

Don’t keep the leftover food and dirty dished in the kitchen sink overnight.

Place the wet sponges and brushes in the plastic bag.

Try to clean the kitchen floor before going to bed.

Remove all the sources of habitat for the cockroaches.

Requisite of Cockroaches Control Adelaide?

The cockroaches causes several skin allergies and chronic diseases if they come in contact with your skin. Therefore they need to be controlled within time.

In case, when you see the cockroaches in kitchens; then they are more fatal. As cockroaches contaminate the food and water you consume. Also, they make it poisonous by there fecal matter. Therefore, our professional provide you with safe pest control services without affecting the environment of the kitchen.

You can find cockroaches in and near the toilet seats, which is the worst experience you have had. In that case, we provide you with best cockroach control Adelaide services at every corner of the house.

The corners of our homes are more prone to cockroaches and cause harm to the environment. In that case, Our professional seek the areas which are more prone to cockroaches and provide you with the best and complete service around the clock.

The cockroaches had a fatal effect on the children, as they get more prone to common diseases like flu, fever etc.

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    Practical Techniques of Marks Cockroach Control Adelaide

    Marks Cockroach Control Adelaide deals with all types of cockroaches. Our professional roaches exterminator provide full protection from unwanted roaches with safe & effective pest removal treatments that are eco-friendly & safe for your kids & pets. Some of our techniques are:

    Cockroach Bait: To control the cockroaches, special kind of bait are available. It comes in a different form. It can be in gel, liquid, or solid form. Placing these baits in the areas that are more prone to the cockroaches quickly catches the cockroaches.

    By the time when cockroaches consume the baits, they go back to their colony and get defecates. The other cockroaches that come in their contact also get defecates.

    Fumigation: Fumigation is the process in which the whole place is covered with gaseous pesticides to suffocate the cockroaches, and as a result, all the hidden cockroaches are also killed effectively.

    Heat Treatment: Our affordable and effective heat treatment controls all the cockroaches without creating any harm to the environment. The heat treatment also kills the eggs of cockroaches and other surrounding bacteria.

    Application of Growth Regulators: Marks's Pest Control Adelaide uses the best variety of growth regulators to control the population of cockroaches. These growth regulators control and prevent the future growth of the cockroaches.

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    Identification of Different Cockroaches

    American Cockroach

    Appearance: These cockroaches are reddish-brown in color, and on their heads, they have a yellowish figure.

    Habitat: they love to make their habitat near sewer and basement, mostly in drains and pipes.

    Unique Fact: American Cockroaches are the largest cockroaches among all types. They get active when the temperature becomes 70 degrees or more. They can also survive in the average temperature with favorable conditions.

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    Brown-banded Cockroach

    Appearance: They have dark brownish bodies and two lighter bands. They are 10 to 14 mm long.

    Habitat: Brown-banded Cockroaches prefer warmer, drier, and higher places. They place their egg cases in or under the furniture.

    Unique Fact: The Brown-banded Cockroaches get their name due to the presence of two bands on the back of their bodies. The wings of female cockroaches are smaller as compared with the male cockroach.

    oriental cockroach

    american cockroach

    German Cockroach

    Appearance: German cockroaches are oval-shaped with antennae and six legs. Their body color varies from light brown to tan. Just like parallel strips, lines are present on the back of these cockroaches.

    Habitat: They can be found anywhere, but they prefer to live in warmer and humid places. They mostly infest that places where people used to eat and drink.

    Unique Fact: German Cockroaches are the most common cockroaches that are found in Adelaide. They have a phenomenal rate of reproduction. They love to disperse to new places often.

    brown banded cockroach

    Oriental Cockroach

    Appearance: These Cockroaches are shiny and dark coloured. The length of male cockroaches are 18 to 29 mm, and females being 20-27 mm.

    Habitat: These cockroaches live near to sewers and enter inside the structure through drains. They live in basements or crawl spaces. They are also found inside the kept firewood and leaf piles.

    Unique Fact: Oriental Cockroaches have smooth and dark coloured bodies. They are also called “water bugs” because they come out from the drain. The presence of these cockroaches creates a very foul odor.

    How to Identify Cockroaches are Living With You?

    Unwanted Smell and Sound:

    If cockroaches are living with you, then you must have noticed some strange sound and smell. The source of these sounds and smells is the cockroaches.

    Dropping of Cockroaches:

    Cockroaches live their droppings behind them. They are in the form of black pepper or coffee grounds. If you see them in large quantities, then it is the symptom that the infestation of cockroaches is high.

    Cockroaches Eggs:

    The oothecae that is the egg cases of the cockroaches will be visible to near the furniture or in other hidden places.

    Moving Cockroaches:

    You will quickly notice the live cockroaches inside your premises. If you even see the cockroaches in the day light, then the population of cockroaches are very large. It requires immediate control treatment to stop the further reproduction of the cockroaches. We also provide same-day Cockroach Treatment in Brisbane at a low cost, hire our skilled team today.

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    Why Marks's Cockroach Control Adelaide?

    • We are among the best cockroach control service providers in Adelaide. We offer customer-oriented services. Some of our specialty are:
    • Same day and instant service.
    • We provide 24x7 hours of service to our customers.
    • We have certified technicians in our company.
    • Our expert team uses eco-friendly products.
    • Excellent Infrastructure and service quality.
    • Our services are hassle-free and safe for your pets and kids.
    • We do not charge any extra cost on Saturday and Sundays.
    • We don't claim any hidden costs.
    • Our professionals are experts in dealing with all types of pests.
    • The services offered by us are affordable and at competitive prices.

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