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Borers are the insects that affect the wood timber in the houses. They attack old furniture and the structural timbers like flooring, bearers, joists and roofing timbers. If borer dust, exit holes, and the grass is a common sight in your home or office, then this is a sure sign that borers have attacked your wood. Borers cause severe damage to the pine timber flooring and furniture. This is because the small larvae known as borers grow inside the timber, eating their way out, leading to the weakening and total collapsing of furniture.

This pretty much explains why borer pest control in Melbourne is important. Marks Pest Control is a leading borer pest control expert in Melbourne and provides complete borer removal services.

Borer Pest Control

Borer Pest Control

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    Borer Control Services

    Harmful Effects of Borers on Health and Economy

    Borers are commonly called as wood borers. They reside in the wood. Some of the effects that borers have on humans and their lives are as follows:

    • They cause damage to the structural timber.
    • Further, they damage the wood fittings and the furniture.
    • Additionally, they attack and infect the hardwood and the sapwood. They bore the wood to lay their eggs.
    • Some species of borers tend to attack bamboo and wood that have high starch content in them such as oak, ash, walnut mahogany etc.
    • They are common in new homes with  hardwood items like door and window frames, paneling, flooring, plywood and the likes.
    • Moreover, besides damaging urban and rural areas, some of the species infest trees, their lower branches, and vascular bundles.
    • Additionally, some of the species of borers act as a secondary host and feed on rotten timber
    • One of its species attacks forestry and agriculture.
    • These attack logs in storage and transport and introduce fungi that attack the wood thus, spoils them.
    • Sometimes these can also cause forest fires.
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    Identification of Borer Infestation

    The following are the easiest ways by which you can recognize a borer pest infestation in your house.

    • Ticking sound

    Immature borers while tunneling in the wood produce an audible rasping or ticking sound while chewing. You can hear this noise at night in silence.

    • Droppings

    Woodworm droppings are wood dust build ups outside the bore holes.

    • Presence of tunnels

    Tunnels are galleries which are hard to see, but when seen carefully can make you aware about any probable wood borer infestation.

    • Presence of flight holes

    Insects creating their way out create them.

    • Holes in under carpet

    Holes under carpet paper floor backing might be because of borers
    Borer Pest Control Services

    Other Possible Signs of Borer Infestation

    • Presence of fungus

    It is caused by a species of this worm. If any wood rotting fungus is present on the furniture that enters due to the borer larvae, then it is a clear indication of wood borers in the furniture.

    • Dampness in the room

    If there is dampness in the room or the timber itself, then there can be a possibility of wood borer infestation as these only survive in the damp conditions.

    • Weak and damaged floorboards

    A serious condition arises when a foot or a chair leg going through the floor becomes extensively damaged.

    • Crumbling of wood

    If there is crumbled wood in and around the corners or the edges of roof joists and floorboards, then chances are high that your house is infested with wood borers.

    • Presence of dead beetles

    Dead borers can be easily seen near the infested timber and the window sills as their life cycle get over.

    • worms
    • Larvae

    These are white and creamy in physical appearance and curved in shape and can easily be recognized.

    • Presence of adult worms in and around the window sides

    The worms on maturity attract towards the light and emerge in structures. You can see them in crowds in the window sills

    Treating Borer Pest Infestation in Melbourne

    Keep several factors in mind before starting any of the pest control methods. If the damage is minor/old and borer attack is not causing any serious damage, then you don't need any treatment . But if an infestation is serious, follow the following methods:

    • Spot Treatment

    It is one of the best in house methods of borer pest control in Melbourne. All you need to is control the wood moisture through proper ventilation. Further, use of surface covers such as paints, polyurethane and water sealants help keep the wood away from moisture and prevents the wood borers from entering the wood.

    • Surface Treatments

    Adopt this surface treatment when the infestation is limited only to a few pieces of lumber. Such treatment prevents any wood borer from entering into the furniture.

    • Freezing temperatures

    This is an important technique for small furniture. Wrap your furniture in plastic and freeze it for about two weeks. After this remove it and leave it wrapped until it reaches room temperature. This method prevents the wood from water massey through condensation.

    Other Borer Control Melbourne Methods

    • Insecticides

    Spray chemicals and insecticides in houses for control of borer pests. For this, mix Timbor with water. Another option is Boracare, it is a liquid which has higher penetration in wood and remains there for years and prevents borer pests from penetration.

    • Fumigation

    It is expensive and complex. It should only be done by a certified pest control expert like Marks Pest Control. Penetration of fumigants kills the pests and makes your furniture free from pests.

    Thus, with the help of above measures, you can control borer pest infestation to an extent. However, if the attack is severe, it is always suggested to take help of an expert borer pest technician in Melbourne.

    Marks Pest Control is a leading certified borer pest control expert in Melbourne. We have certified pest eradication experts and provide you guaranteed services without providing any harm to your furniture. Give us a call today!

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