What Attracts Ants to Your House?

Ants have been unusual lively with regards to garden ants. Garden ants are a pest generally starting around the spring months, lasting through the summer only starting to die out in the winter months depending on weather conditions. Just recently I saw some in a friend’s garden. A bit early, I thought, but with the ever-changing weather conditions of Australia, anything is possible. So could this, in theory, mean ants can be a pest for up to 10 months of the year now?

Ants don’t always cause instant to hurt us, but their effects can accrue over time and lead to hurdles down the road. It’s also simply irritating and discompose to find ants crawling around your kitchen on sugar and sweet dishes or bathroom all the time.


Due to more sweets, Ants are attacked during Melbourne’s warmer months or in the summer. The issue is still preventable when you aware of what attracts them in the first place.

Recognize your troubling factors is the main part of home pest control, come behind in the utilization of Ant control services by professional team if needed. Here are some top attraction factors for ants that you can avoid or get rid of them before harms you. Avoid these following things if you want to keep your house ant-free for long term. Please go through the following factors for which you should be prepared before ants attract to your house. Have a look into it -

  • Sugary substances
  • Moisture
  • Gaps & Openings
  • Grease
  • Crumbs or spills
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Spreading Pet food
Ant control services
Ant control services

Sugary Substances: As we probably are aware of the depictions of ants in the media, they adore desserts and other sugary substances. To limit the chances that ants come creeping for your sugary beverages or foods, clean up spills straight away and spread all sweet sustenance and beverages when not being devoured. While all ants are attracted to sugar, Australian Sugar Ants show this element more than some other kind.

Moisture: Ants like moisture whether it be present in your bathroom or kitchen where standing water such as leaking pipe, a glass of drinking waters that’s been left out or a shower. There are even unreserved species, likewise carpenter ants, that are especially attracted to moisture areas and selectively choose to live and feed on them.

Gaps & Openings: The best information is that ants can’t come to your house if they don’t have a way to get in, but the bad thing is there they are small in size and enter through the gaps and opening cracks or spaces you might overlook. If you have found the cracks in your wall, loose tiles, foundation, and broken window frames, be sure to close them or repair them instantly. So, Ants can’t go out if entered.

Grease: All ants do not love to greasy foods, but those that do will come for it in a heartbeat. Some of the Ants, for instance, will travel long distances to forage for fatty goods like butter and oil or milky foods. Any grease in your house should be cleaned up with alcohol to fully eliminate the remainders.

Crumbs or spills: One thing keeps in your mind always, you don’t leave a literal trail of crumbs or spill nearby your house or property, as this will lead ants attracts to your cooking or eating spaces. Dissimilar ants desire different kinds of food, but spills or crumbs from processed foods of any variety are likely to draw them and their colleagues or friend to your house.

Rubbish Bins: Soapy water does work on ants. A rubbish bin is the best place for ants to live in. Ants are mostly found in the rubbish bins because they are like all you can eat buffets. They include all of the ants favorite foods and essential substances or foods, including salt, fats, sugars, and proteins. Be sure to lock all bins well any time they are full or contain produce scraps.

Pet Food: Ants can be a complication when it comes to feeding your pet. They will steal her food and often prevent them from eating. Most of the ants need a large amount of protein in their diet, and pet foods contain huge amount of protein in the foods. Therefore, ants will come walking to your pet’s food if it’s left out for them to access. You have to check pet food bowls and bags to see before giving them a feed if any ants have come to dine on it. Be secure and safe for your pets.

Other Ants: While all ants live in provinces, some are bigger than others. Certain Varieties, for example, Coastal Brown Ants and Black House Ants home close homes or gardens, implying that on the off chance that you spot one, their tribe is close-by. Different sorts, for example, the White-Footed House Ant will even spread their settlement into littler, satellite gatherings, making them harder to completely expel.

Above all the factor has no doubt immense, but the possibility of ants comes again in your house doesn’t need to be if you follow all the above steps. Take these steps to combatant invasions in your Melbourne home. If you have found the ants nearby you or around your building, Marks Pest Control team can remove them in the long term with providing you the best ant control services. Contact us to learn more about our range of ant control services and how to get rid of ants with home remedies also.

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