Termite Control Fawkner North

Termites are insects that come under taxonomic rank of cockroach family. and they are also known to be the ancestors of cockroaches. They usually feed on dead plant materials in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil or animal dung.

Termites are undoubtedly used in many traditional medicines- they have also found their use in medical science. The termite gut has inspired various research efforts aimed at replacing fossil fuels with cleaner, renewable energy sources.

But, the harm they can cause overnight is frightening. They can infest your furniture and claim huge losses every year in Fawkner North. Since termites are cryptic in nature, this means, they do not come out in open usually, making it difficult to detect them.

Marks Pest Control is a leading Termite Control services provider in Fawkner North. With our local termite technicians, we attempt to achieve cent per cent termite control and removal.

Termite Control Fawkner North

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    Termite Pest Removal

    Possible Threats and Damages Posed By Termites

    • As a matter of fact, termite damage is more severe than the damage caused due to storms, fires etc.
    • If a termite colony attacks anything made up of wood in your house like – furniture, walls, drawers, show pieces etc, then those things are likely to get damaged. This ultimately results in money loss.
    • The cost of termite- related damages are rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.
    • Termites can also cause a number of diseases. Due to this, they pose a constant risk to the health of your family members, especially the kids who keep on moving here and there.
    • They make the environment of your house unhygienic.
    • Termites also attack trees (mainly crops) during the dry season. This leads to the loss to the farmers.

    How to Recognize a Termite Pest Infestation?

    Termites are often mistaken as fly ants due to their similar appearance. Termites have usually two- body segments, straight antenna and 2 sets of wings equal in length. Flying ants, on the other hand, have 3 segment body, bent antenna, and 2 sets of wings which are usually equal in length.

    Following are the indications of termite pest infestation:

    • A temporary swarm of winged insects in your house or around your house.
    • Any kind of bubble- like structure or crack on wood items. (These are called as termite dropping).
    • Wood that sounds hollow, when it is tapped.
    • Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams or in crawl spaces.
    Pest Control Services

    DIY Termite Control Methods

    • Avoid having gardens just against your house

    As a matter of fact, termites breed where they find moisture and mulch, and gardens are the best site for them. Termites enter into your house easily if the walls are weatherboard.

    • Make sure that there is no water leakage in and around your house

    As mentioned above, termites love moisture. Humidity acts as a cherry on the cake, it makes their working easy. This is due to the reason that they have a soft and thin cuticle that dries out easily.

    • The house should have proper drainage and ventilation

    Simple things such as hot water system overflow or air-conditioner pipe drained against the wall are enough to attract termites in your house. So, make sure that there is proper air moving in and around your house to keep humidity and moisture at bay.

    • Store goods especially timber safely

    Having goods sitting up against or leaning on the wall can turn into a disaster. It provides a bridge or a runway for the termites to enter your house. Timber is also bad because it attracts termites. Try to stock timber outside the house on the bricks; this prohibits them from entering the premises of house and saves your timber too.

    • Be careful while doing DIYs

    Often, after doing the DIY renovation of the house, people keep the untreated timber in and around the area of the house, which is just attached to the walls of the house. This gives termites a direct access to the house. The best way to avoid this is to hire a good builder to do the renovation.

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    Other Termite Control Fawkner North Methods

    • Keep a regular check on your yards

    If you find any kind of hole around any tree, stumps, or timber, and you happen to see termite around it, just call the termite expert as soon as possible. Don’t try to treat it yourself, as that can invite the entire colony of the termites which you may not be having an idea.

    • Keep an eye on the timber and timber products in your house

    Any imperfection in timber products is a sign of termites. A usual damage caused by the termites will appear as a bubble or a ripple. On poking it with your finger- you may get access to the hole they have made. Put some masking tape over the holes, if they are less and small in number. If you find many such holes, it’s better to get rid of that timber product or piece in order to save other things.

    • Build your home by hiring the best builder you can afford

    Termite protection is a standard clause for any new home at the time of paperwork.  The protection is in the form of physical barrier or chemical barrier.

    • Get regular termite inspections at least once on an annual basis

    An appropriate termite protection system can help you in termite control Fawkner North. For example – installing a chemical barrier in the soil may help.

    By following the above mentioned simple methods you can keep the termites away from your home easily. However, if the situation is out of control, do not delay things and call a termite specialist immediately.

    Marks Pest Control is a reliable Pest Control Service provider in Fawkner North. We deal with all sorts of pest eradication, no matter how uncontrolled the situation is.

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