How to Remove a Dead Rat from the Roof?

Spotting a rat inside the premises is the most terrible situation for a homeowner. Rats can trespass any corner of your home, including your ceiling. Without your knowledge, they can cause endless destruction to your property. But, what is the worst part than seeing a rat on the premises is – A dead Rat itself!! […]

Spotting a rat inside the premises is the most terrible situation for a homeowner. Rats can trespass any corner of your home, including your ceiling. Without your knowledge, they can cause endless destruction to your property. But, what is the worst part than seeing a rat on the premises is – A dead Rat itself!! It is just horrible to see a dead rat and it can even make you feel sick. You need a lot of courage to remove a dead rat from the roof. The task might be difficult but you have to do that. The biggest question that arises is: How to remove a dead rat from the roof? Have a look over the steps to make the effective removal of dead rats.

A dead rat

How to Identify Dead Rat At Roof?

A dead rat stinks badly and creates a mess around in the atmosphere. You can feel the awful smell coming from the attic or roofs. In many cases, there are possibilities that you can’t see the roof rats as they are usually found dead in the hiding spots where you can’t see them. You need to be aware of their signs of presence as if anytime you spot, you can dispose of them out of the house.

What to do When You Smell A Dead Rat?

Locate A Dead Rat

As soon as you realize that you are having a dead rat at your place, start looking for it. You will find a dead rat where there is the presence of flies, beetles, ants, and other insects in more quantities as they get attracted to a dead pest.

Removal of Rat

To remove the dead rat from that place must be a priority and the quickest action must be taken against it. It is just awful to see that dead rat inside the premises and removing them at your own is a disgusting task. You should be careful while doing so as it can lead to many health risks.

Removal of Things

It becomes necessary to remove the things where you found the dead rat as rats usually infest and contaminate the things where they live. Like if the rat was found near the carpet you must take out the carpet and sanitize it as they might have rolled on it.

What Things Are Used to Dispose of Dead Rats From The Roof?

You should be more careful if you are having a rat infestation as the diseases spread by rats are very harmful to humans if the proper treatment is not done. Their urine and droppings can spread diseases. While cleaning the droppings and urine of dead rats you must take some safety precautions. It is recommended to call a professional rodent controller for this work but still, if you want to do it on your own then you need to be careful. Use the following things during the dead rat removal:

  • Use a respirator mask.
  • Must Use gloves.
  • Protective clothes.
  • A plastic bag should be used.

✔ A disposable trash bag.

precautions used to dispose a dead rat

5 Easy To Follow Steps For Removal of Dead Rats from The Roof

Seeking for How to Remove a Dead Rat from the Roof? Get them out with the help of the techniques suggested by experts. Dead rats are health hazards when present in or around the home. The sight of a dead rat is horrifying, and the smell is intolerable. So, it’s essential to eliminate the dead rat from your home at the earliest. Or you can also hire us to escape the trouble. 

Poisoned Bait, Trap, or Pesticides Place

Carefully inspect the areas of the roof where poisoned bait, trap, or pesticides has been kept. Most of the rats do not go outside to die; you can find them near the traps and baits. They are social animals and live in groups. When you find a dead rat, there are more chances that you will find another near it.

Follow Rats Droppings

You can follow their droppings to find a place where they are dead. They love to die at the home where they have lived for more time. So when they feel like it, they move towards that place. You can also look into the bags, sacks, or anything used as storage on the roof. The dead rats might be there.

Dead Rat Smell

The smell of a dead rat can take you to the right place where you will find dead rats. Use your sense of smell and get to the target site. There is no modern way to find the dead rats, so it is done manually. Look into the expected corners of the roof.

Between Ceiling and Roof

Get a ladder and light source and look into the ceiling. You might find some of them hanging dead. There are lots of gaps and spaces between the ceiling and the roof above it, and the Rat may be located there. Sometimes, the dead rats can be found in between ceiling and roof gaps, as this is the best place to hide.

Collection and Disposal

Using the above steps, you can quickly locate all the dead rats. Get ready to face the dead rats with a face and a respiratory mask. Arrange a durable poly-bag to collect the dead rats. Lift them with a gloved hand and put them in the poly-bag. Do the same for all the expected places on the roof. With this, you will be able to remove all the dead rats from the roof effectively.

You can also watch this video in which we have explained how you can do it efficiently. 

Overcome the Smell of Dead Rat with these DIY Tips

After the removal of dead rats from the roof, you need to eradicate the odour of dead rats from the premises. The time you will locate the dead rats, also remove droppings at the same time. Here are some tips to reduce the bad smell of the dead rat:

Air Purifier

You can use an air purifier that will effectively reduce the smell or odour of a dead rat. Just plug in the purifier near the point of odour.

Odor Removing Bag

You can also use an odour removing bag to get rid of the smell of a dead rat. Just place it all around your house. You need to identify from where the smell is coming then you can place those odour removal bags over there. It will eliminate that odour in a day or two.

Ozone Machine

One of the smell removal alternatives is that you can turn on the ozone machine in the house. This machine is very helpful to eliminate all types of odour from the house. Oxidation is the best process for the removal of smell as ozone gives back oxygen.

Soy Candle

You can use odour eliminating candles to remove the smell within a few minutes of the burning. This deodorized soy candle is used for both humans and pets or pests.

Coffee Ground

Coffee ground is also a good option. You can place a fresh bag of coffee ground near the place of an odor and the smell of a dead rat will disappear within a day.

Next Steps After Dead Rat Elimination

Rats are social animals, which means that there are likely more living rats in your house if you notice one dead rat. To avoid coming over another rat, be it dead or alive, you’ll require to take the below precautions:

  • To reduce the entry point of rats, repair holes, and maintain your home.
  • Try to trim branches of the tree so that rats don’t climb your residence wall.
  • You must block rain drains with cable or mesh, so rats can’t jump up to them.
  • Prevent rat tunnelling by placing pebbles around your house and by keeping gardens neat & clean.
  • Make sure meal preparation and dining spaces are clean and put food in air-tight boxes.
  • Keep your garbage bag empty routinely and use a garbage bin with a lid.

Pro-Tip: Get A Professional Help

Removing dead rats and their safe disposal is very necessary, but DIY can be unhealthy. We recommend you call for expert dead rat removers. The professionals can easily find and collect dead rats from the roof. Being aware of all the rules and regulations professionals can dispose of them safely. So you can call Pest Exterminator from us to remove dead rats. We are ready to work at any location and at any time. You will enjoy our affordable and effective dead rat removal service.

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Final Thought

If you are suspecting a dead rat problem at your place, then you should take some safety measures. They die inside your house which may cause an awful situation. So, to prevent rat infestation you must try to keep them out of your house. If you face any problem regarding a dead rat or any other pest you can contact our pest controllers to discuss your queries.

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