How To Get Rid of Rats?

Some have caused such issues from the beginning of time that their very name creates confusion and ruckus amid humans – a four-letter word: Rats!  Rats deeply integrated into the human settlement. A few rat species are so predominant. They are a big nuisance in the presence of substantial urban communities all around the globe. […]

Some have caused such issues from the beginning of time that their very name creates confusion and ruckus amid humans – a four-letter word: Rats! 

Rats deeply integrated into the human settlement. A few rat species are so predominant. They are a big nuisance in the presence of substantial urban communities all around the globe. Be that as it may, not all rodents were made equivalent, and not every one of them is pests. Various Pest Control agencies target in demonstrating to you all the appalling rodents in Australia. 

How to Get Rid of Rats


Rats have little eyes, two ears, and a flaky tail that is smaller than the length of their body. They are unique pests, attacking our homes, polluting our food, harming property, and in any event, spreading severe illness. Merely observing the same scurrying past your kitchen floor is sufficient to make you jump, while sending a shudder down your spine. Furthermore, the secret to controlling them is keeping a clean and hygienic property, and getting their hints early.  Rodents, mice, and different big rats rank right up along with bed-bugs and termites as among the most harmful infestations a house-owner can manage. 

So what do you do if you see that rodent leap- and scurry-around your kitchen store? Read below the detailed rundown showcasing over how to dispose of rodents.

Types of Rat

Rat Species

✓ Brown Rat

The earthy-colored rodent resides in is mainly found in urban zones, so the probabilities of running over this rat are large. Additionally, known as a common rat specie or a Norwegian rat, this particular one is effectively recognizable and notable in Australia. In contrast to the black rodent, the brown one has a smaller tail and a more significant body.  

✓ Black Rat

Rattus or the dark rodent is mostly known in Australia. It always feels at home, especially in the urban regions, and it never experiences any difficulties moving in with you, till the time regular food are frequently accessible. 

✓ Bush Rat

Bush rats or rodents are pint-sized Australian creatures having delicate and thick fur. They have light greyish-brown along with earthy coloured underparts. Tails of these creatures are earthy coloured, with a hint of grey and black. And in every case, it is somewhat shorter than the body. The feet can vary from being white, pink, dim or earthy coloured, and the hind feet of Bush rodents are commonly blacker than the forefeet. The male species are more prominent in size, as compared to the female ones.

Rodent Behaviour

✓ Rats are social animals having a complicated caste system, where each individual from the crowd knows their place. Their cooperation with each other is fascinating to watch! For instance, they can “ask” each other for prepping or playing. More experienced rodents show little ones how to scuffle with each other energetically. These scuffles can make these rodents fly in the air!

✓Rats are night-time creatures. So, these creatures are not familiar during the day.

✓ If you think hares reproduce fast, then these rats will overwhelm you further. A single rat’s litter comprise of up to 24 puppies. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Their pregnancy is only 28 days in length. They need around a month and a half to turn out to be sexually sound.

✓ Rats have a moderately poor vision. Be that as it may, their abilities of hearing and smell are exceptionally intense.

Risk Posed by Rats

Most local Australian rodents generally avoid the human presence. They are never in favor of living with humans. And hardly cares about the endless threats the exterminators pose over them! Our rodent exterminators remove all kind of rats like a big rat, a field rat, a grey rat, wolf rat from your property. They instead prefer the warm and peaceful hide-out of the wilds. They thus shroud underground and in the undergrowth safely.  But then, there are those species that are more infectious. They have initiated in living among human civilization and never cares about danger exterminators present. In Australia, the most unmistakable is the dark rat. 

Rodents’ tunnelling or making burrows subverts the foundation of any house and concrete pillars. Their endless chewing poses harm over delicate metals like copper and leads just as plastic and wood. And without a doubt, even your nursery plants lies unprotected! This chewing can likewise be into electrical wires, representing an electrical hazard!

✓ Food 

Rodents are omnivore species. It is one primary reason that the black and brown rodents have advanced in a manner which permits them laidback access to food items, by the aid of human-proxy. The food items that we waste or throw away is what these rodents appreciate. In the wilds, they live upon various sorts of seeds. Be that as it may, rats are famously known to devour meat in urban areas. Reports are misinterpreting these terrible species attempting to chase cats! Irrespective of its size, these huge rodents, mostly in Australia’s metropolitan areas do not have the instincts for hunting. But then, these vast rats are still savage towards small mice!

✓ Health hazards

The black rodents, which are the most evident rat species found in Australia, transmit various ailments. They were the essential vectors for the plague during the Middle-Ages. And, this particular specie additionally carries deadly disease like Hantaviruses.  Rodents transmit toxoplasmosis, which interestingly affects their behavioural attributes. This parasite grows in a cat’s digestive tract, and when it contaminates a rodent, it seizes its sensory system to make it easy prey for the cats. It is worth to take note of that toxoplasmosis infects the humans too but in a rare form. Besides that, rodents can pollute food items and water. They, by and large clean themselves up. However, it does not mean they never carry any amount of harmful germs.

Rat Problem Scopes and their habitat

Signs of Rat Infestation

Structurally causing damage to a thing has never been a foreign notion for any rodents. Their teeth develop all through their lifetime, so they keep-on gnawing at something constantly. It prompts disastrous result, like if they bite at the water pipes or any electric framework/wiring. Many fire accidents take place owing to rodent infestation. 

But then, that is not all!  Rats love to feed on grains. So they are a significant issue in distribution centres or warehouses as they can contaminate numerous food items. Sure signs become prevalent, to aid in deciphering their activities –

✓ Gnawed items or rat teeth traces

To keep a check on their ever-growing teeth, they need to bite and leave these trace-massey continually.  

✓ Rodent droppings

It is generally far-fetched to reveal rodent droppings than it is mouse droppings. In any case, it is not implausible. 

✓ Various sounds

They may attempt to be secretive. However, rodents make a great deal of noise around night-time when they chew on numerous things. And, being night-time creatures, they may upset your rest. 

✓ Rat imprints or foot-marks 

One finds these imprints, particularly in the attic room or cellar, where dregs or old items mount up. 

If you see a portion of that going on around the house, it’s an excellent opportunity to make a move.

What Attracts Rats in Your Home

Some key factors that influence these rodents:

✓ Poor Cleanliness 

Always maintained your roof space clean because these rodents can invite by every bit of rubbish scattered everywhere the home. 

Shelter and convenience

Rats are warm-blooded creatures, so they seek a hot, cosy place to nest. 


A rat will happily feed on every bit of food they see. 

What is the Best Rat Repellent?

When it comes to notorious rodents, the vast majority just treat the signs and symptoms, however not the actual reason. For a rat-free home, you have to hit-them-on-all-sides. On the other hand, you can also consult a Pest Control expert Or read some FAQ for eradicating rats. 

Rat poison

This is the best rat killing agent, yet not all toxins are the same. Anti-coagulants seeps inside by keeping the blood from thickening. It acts rapidly, yet it can have adverse reactions too, particularly to smaller pets. Some amount of powdered corn-cob, is non-harmful one, working well by causing severe dehydration amongst the rodents. It typically makes them leave the house, looking for water and collapse outside. 


Traps can be successful for littler rat infestation. It is a smart thought to pre-trap them, first. It implies leaving the traps well-stacked with rat-bait, yet not ready to spring. In a couple of days, the rats will attempt these baits in protected traps. Considering rats dreading new things, they won’t try to eat the bait right away. After you notice the bait begun to vanish, set the rat-traps correctly. The rodents will move toward the trap. Though this time they will be in it for an awful shock! It will take them some time to adjust.

It is a smart thought to avoid cluttering of things at one place for long. And also seal all the entry points.

Non-Lethal Possibilities

Numerous individuals prefer the concept of rat killing while incorporating the same in their pest-control plan. Proficient and certified pest-control agencies help in the same. With non-lethal nooses, the pest-control professional securely takes out the rat without executing it. Keep-on is checking these rat-traps, on and off. When full, get rid of them by removing them.

Control Chemically

Most home-owners prefer over the chemical-controlled pest control techniques. Yet there are situations where these chemical concoctions are not too fitting, primarily for security reasons: 

  • Rats tend to die and rot in specific places that are difficult to reach.
  • The house pets might eat this poisoned rat.
  • Poisoning may not be a possibility for individuals allergic to chemical.
  • Trapping to mete out with the couple of rodents those have survived a bait-project might be financially efficient.

Multiple-dose of these anti-coagulants is handy as dry-bait. To be viable, they require constant feeding to these harmful species for four to ten days. It is essential that the flexibility of trap proceeds for many consecutive days, guaranteeing the development of anticoagulants in the blood. It finally leads to death. Before getting hire our pest control professional, you can check our prices.

Single portion anti-coagulants results similar to the multiple one, but nonstop feeding is not essential. These anti-coagulants cause death of the unwanted rats in three to seven days. These rat-baits are easy to get to as pellets and squares.

Both single and multiple anti-coagulants doses help in reducing the blood clotting ability, causing erratic bleeding and sudden death. Different rat-poison dose kills the rodents in four to eight days while single-dose kill the rats in three to seven days, after just one feed. These are harmful to other warm-blooded creatures. Thus, place the baits, where any small child, pets, wild-life and animals do not have an easy entree. 

In case of unexpected intake, you ought to refer/call the nearest GP quickly. Take this prompt action, especially for the children around. Vitamin K1 acts as the antidote, which is best and is given, without a remedy. Look for advice from your next-door vet for animals.

How to Get Rid of Rats Without Poison

Here are a few ways for how to get rid of rats in the house and garden fast by which you can remove rats from your place. Let’s have a look for the easy steps to get rid of all the rats and mice from your house.

✓ Prepare a Rattrap 

There is a varied range of rattraps available in the market that either kill rats instantly or hold the rats in the trap. However, killing traps should be avoided as they are way too inhumane. Usually, the rats have a strong tendency to cut out the plastic material of the traps with their teeth and escape from there. This is the reason why live traps made up of steel wires should be used. Put some cheese inside the trap, and you are done with the rats in your home or office.

✓ Dried Snake or cat and Owl’s Feather

 Rats usually get scared of natural predators like snakes, cats, and owls. So just bring some dried snake or cat litter or owl feather from a nearby zoo and put it in their holes. The rats will disappear out of fear in no time.

✓ Human Hair 

Yes, the human hair acts as a toxin for the rats. Just search for the place where rats generally appear and put some human hair strands at that place. The rats will feed on them and will die immediately. The human hair has some toxic materials not fit for the rats.

✓ Onion 

Onion is a natural rat repellent. Rats usually can’t withstand the smell of onions. They get repelled by the pungent smell of the onion. So putting a slice of onion outside their hole will definitely work out.

✓ Maintain Hygiene 

The essential key to avoiding all the rodents in your house is to switch to cleanliness. Do not litter around, and always keep your food items covered. Groom your house correctly and maintain hygiene, especially in the kitchen. This will prevent the rats from entering your home.

✓ Moth Balls 

These balls also act as a repellent for the rats, and the rats usually don’t come near them. You can quickly put these balls in your cupboards and other places where you find the rats. It will work in your favor and will help you get rid of the rats.

✓ Bay Leaves 

Rats consider the bay leaves as their food, but in actual, the bay leaves contain toxins that are unsuitable for them. So put some bay leaves in front of their holes, and the moment they feed on them, they will die immediately. That said, we hope that this article would have helped you in dealing with rats. 

How to Get Rid of Rat in Home and Garden

Hire A Pro Marks Pest Controller

Related to these rodent infestations, many individuals call a certified and professional pest-control organization. It is a significant but tricky job, done by Marks Pest Control, who are pro at their work. A pest-control professional agency expertise zonal-wise. But their charges vary from one region to the other, and the amount of work. 

The average expense of recruiting a pest-control expert for eliminating rats, costs somewhere in the range of $100 and $575, nationally. This particular expense incorporated ten rat-traps. A rodent exterminator might like to offer a free quotation while taking a look at the degree of the infestation. They take into account various aspects, where the dirty rats are coming from and the remedies. All these factors cater to the final expense.  

Be that as it may, and regardless of what you opt for great snap-traps, enquire and contact our pest control professionals while you relax on a Saturday off.  Tackling these rat issue in your heavenly abode, will not only let you rest well, but it will also shield your living space from further damages and would-be ailments. 

Simply be an observant and well-aware person. Ensure that you are aware of all, while you see indications of any activity. Take adequate actions that you can and not let the rat population develop any further.

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The most common sign of a rat infestation in your home is the presence of living or a dead rat. They come to your residence for shelter and food. They destroy items in the home by gnawing. If your house is infested with rats, follow our effective and best method to control rats in the house and garden. If you didn’t get rid of rats with DIY tips, you may call an expert team of Marks Pest Control to eradicate rats with human-friendly techniques. 

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