How to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Did you smell a lingering and unpleasant odor in or around your house and find some small droppings resembling coffee grounds or black pepper? If yes, then your house has been definitely infested by cockroaches. Without a doubt, Cockroaches are the most horrid creatures that you would like to find crawling through your house. These […]

Did you smell a lingering and unpleasant odor in or around your house and find some small droppings resembling coffee grounds or black pepper? If yes, then your house has been definitely infested by cockroaches.

Without a doubt, Cockroaches are the most horrid creatures that you would like to find crawling through your house. These persistence pests if makes their way inside your house, it becomes a tricky task to get rid of them entirely. Roaches are common household insect and carry harmful diseases


The unhygienic environment of your house may not only affect the health of your family members but can also impact the health of your pets too. So, hurry up and take some action to get rid of these insects as soon as possible from your house, if it is infested by them.

Cockroaches are not allowed to be in our homes or businesses. To help you get rid of these creatures and to lessen down your worry, our certified pest controllers have created these infographics to give you 10 simple and easy ways any homeowners and building owners can follow.

There are several options available for eradicating cockroaches. If applied accurately, each can kill cockroaches efficiently. Expert roaches treatment is the most effective method to get rid of cockroaches in your house or business to stop re-infestation and control.

Summary About Cockroaches

Cockroaches belong to the group of Blattodea. They are also termed as roaches. Cockroaches have an oval shaped body, long threadlike antennae, and a shining black or brown. The male cockroaches generally have two wings and some of the female cockroaches have vestigial wings or they are wingless. 

Cockroaches prefer to live in warm, humid and dark places. They have 6 spiny and long legs. The female cockroaches are larger than male cockroaches. There are several typ[es of cockroaches that you can notice in your residential and commercial places. 

Type of Cockroaches

☑ German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

  • They are oval-shaped cockroaches.
  • It is one of the most common species of cockroaches.
  • German cockroaches are pale brown in colour.
  • The size of these cockroaches lies between 13 to 16 mm. 
  • The lifespan of these Blattella germanica is 12 months.
german cockroach

☑ American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

  • You will mostly find these cockroaches in your residential places. 
  • The adult American cockroach can grow upto 53 mm in size.
  • The male and female American cockroaches can fly.
  • The colour of these cockroaches lies in between reddish-brown to brown.
  • These cockroaches can live for about two years. 
American Cockroach

☑ Brown-banded Cockroach (Supella longipalpa) 

  • The length of the brown-banded cockroaches is upto 13mm. 
  • The average lifetime of these cockroaches is 3 to 11 months. 
  • The male and female cockroaches have light-coloured yellow bands.
  • Only male cockroaches are able to fly. Women cockroaches do not fly.
Brown-banded Cockroach

☑ Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis) 

  • These cockroaches have a glossy skin type.
  • The male and female cockroaches are not able to fly.
  • The life span of oriental cockroaches is a maximum of six months.
  • The length of the female oriental cockroaches is 32 mm, whereas the male cockroaches size is 25 mm.
Oriental Cockroach

☑ Smoky Brown Cockroaches (Periplaneta fuliginosa)

  • The smoky brown cockroaches are mostly found in moist places.
  • These cockroaches are 15 mm in size. 
  • Smoky brown male and female cockroaches can fly.
  • The wing of these cockroaches are larger than the body.
Smoky Brown Cockroaches

What attract Cockroaches in your House?

There are several factors that attract cockroaches inside your home. food, warmness, damp and Shelter. Dirty utensils in the sink and food left out on the counter, attract cockroaches. They also get attracted towards the wet objects like a leaky pipe, bathroom sink or wet mat on the floor. If you don’t consider these factors in the beginning, then it would cause an infestation of cockroaches in your living property. Read below in detail for what attract roaches in your home :

✓ Clutter

Just like other pests, cockroaches love to hide in good hiding places. If you have more objects in clutter form in your home, then more cockroaches will get attracted to your home. 

✓ Dirt & Grime

If you do not keep your home neat and clean, the cockroaches count your home as the lovely place to live. Food over surface, spills, and other crumbs will invite cockroaches inside your residential places.

✓ Water and food source

Cockroaches like humans require water and food for a living. If you keep your food on the counter and in the loose form, then cockroaches get easy access for food, and they continue to live in your home.

✓ Trash

The trash inside your home is the major point that attracts cockroaches. They easily get food and other material in the trash and fulfill their demand.  

✓ Neighbours 

If you are living in the apartment or sharing a common wall, then it is most likely that if your neighbour is suffering from a cockroach infestation, then cockroaches will also come into your home.

Signs of Problematic Cockroaches Infestation

If cockroaches start living in your home, then they leave behind some massey by which you can decide that cockroach infestation has occurred.  Read below an indication of cockroaches infestation in your place :

✓ Cockroach droppings

You will find black cloured droppings similar to coffee beans then it signifies that the infestation of cockroaches has taken place. The size of their dropping is 1mm. 

Cockroach droppings

✓ Smear marks

If cockroaches have passed through the water source, then they create a smear mark in irregular shape by crawling.

Smear marks

✓ Egg capsules

The cockroaches lay their eggs in a capsule that is called an ootheca. It holds multiple eggs of the cockroach. This varies from every type of cockroach. Most of them drop this immediately after laying eggs, but German cockroaches carry it until the hatching process.

Egg capsules

✓ Shed skin

Cockroaches shed their skin a maximum of 5 to 8 times in the process of getting matured. You can look for such types of skin of different sizes. 

✓ Unusual odour

Cockroaches generate a type of odour that helps other cockroaches to find them easily. You can experience this foul smell if cockroaches have made any contact with the object or are living in that area. 

Unusual odour

✓ Live cockroaches

When you turn off the light at night, then cockroaches get active, and you can see lots of live cockroaches. Also if the infestation is too high, then you can see them in daylight too.

Live cockroaches


Best Home Remedies to Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Read below our DIY method to eradicate Cockroaches from your place

✓ Cut their source of food

The best and the most common method of getting rid of any kind of pests from your house is to cut their source of food. Check and eliminate all the food sources from the cockroaches, starving them to death. This method kills them and their eggs- making your house flying cockroach free.

✓ Cut their source of water

Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects which means that they are able to survive for a few weeks even if you cut off their food but without any source of water even cold-blooded insects like cockroaches will only survive for a week. Check all the water supply of your house and if there are any leaks just fix them.

 home remedies to get rid of roaches

✓ Use Cockroach Baits

Make cockroach baits and put them inside your house at those places where these cockroaches are seen the most. Keep a food item mixed with a slow-working poison near the nest. They eat these food bits and eventually die.

✓ Use Boric Acid Powder For more Effectiveness

You may also a spread mixture of homemade bait in the corners of the doors, walls, and other sources of these insects. This mixture should contain- 1 part boric acid, 2 parts flour, and 1 part sugar to make a dough. Boric acid is low in toxicity to people and pets but deadly to cockroaches.

✓ Use Baking Soda

Use baking soda to kill pesky roaches. Mix the baking soda with some sugar and place this mixture near the infested area.

✓ Keep Cockroaches away with diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is the most reliable, pet, and children friendly repellents that you can apply. For full result, follow the below steps:
❯ Clean your house entirely.
❯ Go in all the areas wherever you have noticed the cockroaches.
❯ Go outside and apply the boric acid and Diatomaceous earth solution at the corners of your house. 
❯ Wait for time till the solution shows its reaction over the infestation.

✓ Soap and Water Spray

Use soap and water to get rid of pesky roaches. Just mix a few drops of liquid soap to a spray bottle of lukewarm water. Spray on cockroaches, after spray they will run but will dead after some time.

✓ Cockroach killer gel

Roach killer get the best do it yourself solution to eradicate cockroaches. The gel attracts and eliminates the cockroaches. It is super comfortable, apply 15 dots in your pantry and observe the cockroaches go.

Top Tips to Prevent Cockroaches from your Home

✓ Maintain cleanliness

Then, one must maintain cleanliness and hygiene in and around the house on a daily basis. This is the most basic requirement for making your house pest-free. Never leave unwashed dishes in your sink. While cleaning pay special attention to the corners as cockroaches are fond of grease.

cover food to prevent roaches

✓ Cover your food

Always remember to cover and hide your food, don’t let them have any kind of eatables inside your house. If they don’t get anything to feed on, they will leave your home.

maintain cleanliness to prevent roaches

✓ Discard Trash Bags Daily

Throw the garbage from the dustbin on a daily basis or regularly. Don’t let it sit for too long as it may play as a host to these messy creatures. Also, use those trash bin or cans which have covers.

discard trash bag regularly

✓ Close the Gaps using chalk

To prevent those cockroaches outside from trying to break in inside your house and expand the infestation, use chalk to fill all the entry holes or gaps between walls or tile and small crevices.

cockroach chalk

Pro Tip: Call a Licensed Pest Control Exterminator

It should be kept in mind that the DIY methods are not always guaranteed to work especially against persistent insects like cockroaches. If even after going through the whole process you are still findings signs of cockroaches in your house then you probably required to hire an expert cockroach control exterminator to treat your home.

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When you ask yourself, “Can I get rid of cockroaches without an exterminator? Then you need some effective tips. Follow our above methods and get roaches free home. These tips are very effective to prevent and control pesky cockroaches. You can also hire Marks Pest Eradicator if you didn’t feel satisfied with the DIY method. Controller of Marks Pest Control Melbourne provides professional pest removal service at a reasonable price. They use safe and budget-friendly techniques for roaches extermination.

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