How can I help control the Pests?

Keeping your home/ workplace and surroundings clean is the best way to keep the pests at bay.

Once all the liquid treatment is dried, you can enter the treated area.

We, at Marks's Pest Control, first inspect the whole of the place to determine the origin of the infestation. And then treat the infected area accordingly with eco-friendly chemicals.

When the pesticide has been applied on the dried surface and it (the pesticide) has been dried as well, the rain will not affect the treatment. Until it is an extreme case like a flood or something.

Our treatment depends on the pest. Although we make sure that places where pests hide, feed, and breed are treated thoroughly.

This depends on the pests issue you are facing. We will also inspect before starting the treatment to determine the infestation status and products and chemicals to be used.

You don’t need to leave the house or place while the treatment is carried out, but if in case you suffer from any allergies or breathing issues, it will be advisable to maintain a safe distance. However, we advise that pets and kids should be kept far from the treatment as a precautionary measure.

The pest control method is decided upon the inspection. We choose from the below-mentioned methods.

    1. Spraying of chemicals: This is by far the best method.
    2. Mechanical removal by professionals
    3. Use of nets and catching tools.

The following steps very well explain the process.

  1. Pre Pest Inspection: Firstly, our pest control team will inspect your place to determine the extent of the infestation. After understanding the situation, they will select the appropriate method for pest removal.
  2. Pest Treatment: After the inspection, our team of professionals will apply the effective solution to eliminating the pests. The chemicals we use are eco-friendly and safe for both humans and pets.
  3. Post Pest Inspection: Once the treatment is completed, our professionals will do a Pest Inspection to check if there is any place left for treatment

No, you will be fairly secure in your house while we do our job. If required, our team will inform you in advance before proceeding.

No, You don’t have to clear your kitchen cupboards or any other crockery. We use gel-based eco-friendly chemicals in the kitchen area. You might need to move your furniture or crockery a little away from the wall junctions. Although this action can be performed by our professionals only.

Yes, our experienced pest controlling team is specialized in removing pests from any commercial place with an effective solution. Our team is very well aware of the different methods and techniques used in commercial pest control and thus, acts accordingly.

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