DIY Pest Control

According to the Australian government Department of Health, any plant or animal that poses harmful effects on the living conditions and food of humans broadly come under the category of pests. Moreover, you must control pests at all costs because they can be harmful in a number of ways. Some of the reasons why you must always keep a check on them are as follows:

  • They carry disease-causing parasites and microorganisms
  • Feed on the cereal and vegetable crops in the fields
  • Bring damage to the stored food items
  • Attack the farm and station animals
  • Feed on the clothing materials
  • Bring damage to buildings
  • Bite people and spread infections by acting as the reservoir of infection etc.

How to Prevent Pests at Home?

Apart of all these there are a number of other ways by which pests are harmful to humans. Therefore, their prevention should be the main goal for all the housewives. This article will be helpful in giving the basic guidelines for the prevention and the ultimate guide on pest control using simple remedies rather than the harsh toxins that usually bring more harm than good.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

The statement “Prevention is better than cure” completely holds true. Hence, it is always good to hit the source of pests in order to avoid them at your home. The preventive measures which you can take to avoid pests at home are as follows-

  • Clean all the kitchen surfaces. Moreover, this will remove the excessive odors and food particles from the surfaces that can otherwise attract the pests towards them.
  • Add two tablespoon of peppermint Castile oil to a gallon of water and spray on all the surfaces tangible by pests where they can feast at.
  • Store the food in the sealed containers. Moreover, the leaky containers with the food give an invitation to the pests.
  • Use the trash can having a lid on it. This will avoid the accumulation of pests on garbage.
  • Before putting the sauce jars and juice bottles in the recycling bins, rinse them.
  • Keep the drains all clear from the residual palatable items. Mix equal proportions of baking soda and vinegar and pour in the drains. Pour the boiling water after 5 minutes. Hence, this will clear all the clogged drains.

    DIY Pest Control Services

    DIY Pest Control

How to Tackle These Mini Beasts – DIY Remedies:

Below are the simple and cost-effective remedies to get rid of pests which you can easily do at home. Moreover, they are much better than the toxic chemicals available in the market. Some of the best DIY remedies to get rid of pests effectively are as follows-

  1. ANTS: -

    In order to keep ants at the bay, the coffee seeds are best when put around doors and windows. Another suitable remedy which works really well is mixing 2 and half teaspoon of peppermint oil with a cup of grain alcohol. Hence, using this spray, you can get rid of ants quite fast. Read More About Ant control Melbourne.


    In order to get rid of mosquitoes, mix two and a half teaspoon of oil from citronella, lemon eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemongrass or tea tree to a cup of grain alcohol. This spray will help to eliminate mosquitoes from home.


    Fill the glass up to 2-3 inches with apple cider vinegar. Cover the glass with the glass wrap. Make holes in the wrap. This acts as a magnet for fruit flies which attracts towards the apple cider due to its fruity smell. Hence, this will ultimately make them die.

  1. SPIDERS: -

    By combining equal parts of vinegar and water in the spray bottle, you can effectively repel spiders. Put it in a spray bottle and hence use it on the spider webs to remove spiders from home.


    You can repel cockroaches by filling the saucers with a half cup of beer. Place these saucers on the entry points of the floors.This will effectively control cockroaches.


    The silverfish and all other wingless insects are quite common in clothes, kitchens, and bathrooms. You can control them by sprinkling boric acid on the moist areas of kitchen and bathrooms.

Besides these home-based remedies that comprise mainly of the sprays made from certain oils of plants along with water, the flowers and insect-repelling herbs can themselves be grown around the perimeter of house as well as indoor to keep these pests away from home. The examples are:

  • Citronella is grown outside the house
  • Marigold is grown in the areas where maximum sunlight reaches
  • Basil and Rosemary are grown as indoor plants
  • Horse mint helps in repulsion of pests from shaded areasIn a nutshell, before heading straight towards using toxic chemicals, the above-mentioned hacks and natural repellent tips should be tried. They will surely prove themselves beneficial.

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